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How to Stay Positive ~ 12 Steps to Not Let the Negativity of Life Get to You

No matter what source it comes from, being surrounded by negative energy can be draining and exhausting. Whether you're coming from a negative work environment or hearing unfortunate news, negativity isn't something that's easy to deal with. When you have to deal with negative energy around you, not only does this affect your quality of life, but it also hinders your ability to manifest good things. Being capable of staying grounded in your positivity despite a negative environment is the best thing you can do. In this article, we'll be talking about 12 ways to deal with negativity in your life.

1. Find the Source

In order to deal with negativity effectively, you must find out where it's originating from. Even if you believe that the negativity has no specific source, you can always pinpoint it to a particular source. The faster you can point to the source or sources of your negativity, the easier you'll be able to deal with it.

2. Focus on What You Want to Receive

Even when you're surrounded by negativity, the law of attraction will always play a role in your life. You attract everything you focus on, so by focusing on negativity, that's precisely what you will receive more of. However, suppose you focus on a solution or at least the positive aspects to your negative surroundings; in that case, you focus on more positive energy, which is how you can incorporate good vibes into your life. This is how you can stay grounded in positivity even in a negative environment - by choosing what you focus on.

3. Find Solutions to Your Problem

If negativity is bothering you to an extreme, you can always find solutions to help your situation instead of resorting to complaining. By finding solutions, you increase your frequency instead of going to the tendency to dwell in negativity. Finding solutions are how you can avoid acting as the victim.

4. Seek Out Positive People

Your energy matters, so by surrounding yourself with positive people, you can counter the draining feeling you get from the negativity. Positive people will encourage you and lift you, so don't hesitate to call the people in your life who do an extraordinary job of reflecting positivity and encouragement. They give off good vibes that will distract you enough to avoid dwelling in negativity.

5. Realize it's Not Always Personal

Negativity can seem like it's directed towards you, but most of the time, it reflects the baggage people are actively carrying with them. They might have unleashed it on you, but it doesn't always mean that you're to blame. By realizing this, you can detach yourself from your surrounding negativity much easier.

6. Find Healthy Outlets for Negativity

We all tend to shut out negativity at all costs, but the best thing you can do is acknowledge your emotions and feel them. There are several ways to deal with negativity, such as exercise, writing, or even meditation. Find a way to deal with your negativity in a healthy manner instead of turning them into repressed emotions.

7. Grow From Negative Experiences

Nobody likes dealing with negativity at all, but you can always choose to grow from it. The more you expose yourself to negativity, you increase your resilience and get out of your comfort zone. This is especially true if you're accustomed to experiencing good vibes even during negative situations. An example of this would be if you had a difficult upbringing financially. If you chose to overcome it with positivity and even excelled financially later in life, one would say that you grew from that negative experience instead of being a victim of your childhood.

8. Let Go of Your Expectations

You can never control bad things happening to you as it's part of the mystery of life. However, you can improve your ability to handle those bad things by releasing your expectations and changing your mindset. When you hold on to certain expectations, you'll break your own heart when it doesn't become a reality. Instead, learn to accept that there are things beyond your control - this is the best mindset to focus on. An example of this would be if you have expectations on how a relationship should progress. If a woman is expecting an engagement ring within 6 months of dating and that date comes and goes, she is breaking her own heart. You can't control other people's timelines. It doesn't mean they love you any less. Let go of control and expectations and appreciate life as it is.

9. Choose to Either Accept or Disengage

When surrounded by negativity, you can choose to deal with it in two ways - either by accepting or disengaging. When you accept it, you let go of any negative emotions that come with the situation whereas if you disengage, you remove yourself from the negativity of the situation. Both these two methods are effective enough so you won't dwell on the negativity in your life.

10. Show Yourself Positivity

You can be more resilient in dealing with negativity by showing yourself more positivity. By encouraging yourself with positive affirmations filled with your best qualities, you're doing what you can to counter the negativity in your life. This also means taking the time to engage in self-care activities such as cooking your favorite meal or taking the day off from work. (See our post of 44 Positive Quotes About Life and Happiness to Live by)

11. Spread Positivity Outwards

By reflecting positive energy to others and increasing their frequency, this is powerful enough to combat negativity around you. You'd be surprised how even the smallest gestures can fight negativity. By spreading positivity around you, you'll never realize that you countered the negativity by spreading positive energy around you.

12. Have Faith That it Will Pass

Negativity often doesn't last very long, and trust that it will pass. Even when it feels too overwhelming and frustrating to handle, stay grounded on the mantra "this too shall pass." Nothing lasts forever, and this goes even for negative feelings. If you feel like you can't handle the negative emotions, have patience and faith that it will eventually pass. Focus on any positive energy amidst your negative environment, and you'll be fine.


I hope this article sheds insight on everything you needed to know on staying grounded and positive even in a negative environment. These 12 steps won't change your negative environment, but they will change your perspective and way of dealing with things. Even in a negative scenario, you always have a choice on what you choose to focus on. By focusing on the positive side of things, then that's what you reflect in your life, according to the law of attraction.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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