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11 Things that Happen after you Raise Your Standards in Life

Do you want to change your life? Are you dissatisfied with where you're at in your career, your relationship, your body size or your self-confidence? If you can work to raise your standards in just one area, you’ll start to notice improvement in all aspects of your life. That’s because when you raise your standards, you’re naturally raising your vibration. You begin to expect more from yourself. You become a high value woman or high value man.

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These 11 results are not immediate once you’ve decided to raise your standards. For example, if you’re reading this during or after a fresh breakup, these things may actually feel like opposites of what you’re experiencing. Have faith that these are outcomes that you can expect after you have truly changed your life path and there’s no chance of you stumbling back to bad habits of the past. This could take a few weeks, a few months, maybe even a few years. It all depends on you. High Standards need to last if you’re going to create lasting change.

Let’s first realize that most of us base our standards according to our environment. Those you hang around with, you become. Your vibe attracts your tribe. So, if your partner or your best friend that you hang out with everyday starts gaining weight, you likely will too. If you hang out with lazy friends, you begin to become lazy. This happens because you lowered your standard for yourself to meet them at their level so to not make them feel uncomfortable.

So find a tribe, whether in real life, online or even in a book who raises the bar for you. Find people who inspire you and motivate you to want to be the best version of yourself. Surround yourself with those you want to be and become that. Avoid people at all costs who demonstrate selfishness, passive aggression, compulsive dishonesty or narcissism. If you MUST deal with this toxicity, it will take some serious mental strength to handle these energy vampires.


~ 11 Things that will happen after you raise your standards in life ~


You’ll have more compassion for yourself. You’ll reflect on your past behaviors and understand why you tolerated toxic people and their behavior in your life. You’ll no longer wonder what was wrong with you and why certain people treated you that way. You’re not going to be a victim and blame people here, because that just puts you in low vibration and spreads more negativity. This is reflection on your part and understanding that you had low standards at that point in time. You are no longer someone who tolerates that behavior.

Freedom to be unapologetically you:

There’s no more walking on eggshells. There’s no more people pleasing or doormat syndrome for you. No more apologizing incessantly for who you are. People are going to accept you for who you are. If someone has a problem with who you are or your life choices, guess what? They don’t get to be in your life.


Oh the confidence you will have! This confidence will bring you happy living as you believe that you can achieve whatever it is you set your mind to. You will be a magnet to people. People with low standards will be inspired by you and will emulate the life you’re living.


People naturally respect someone who knows how to set boundaries. People who set boundaries and have high standards clearly respect themselves. When you respect yourself, you make yourself a priority. When you make yourself a priority, you don’t shy away from uncomfortable conflict. By respecting yourself and standing up for yourself, you in turn receive a great deal of respect from other people.

Better Health:

When you raise your standards, you’ll begin noticing how certain foods make you feel. You’ll notice how eating more natural and healthier foods will give you more energy and the highly processed foods make you tired and unmotivated. Raise your standards and you’ll be more energetic, because you’re inspired to be the best version of you. Making these changes within yourself helps the extra pounds fall off, boosting your confidence even more!

Better job / Higher Income:

When you raise your standards, you take risks and challenge yourself. You go after that dream job and you don’t settle for less than what you deserve. You keep pushing yourself to reach your income and career goals. You become a natural leader. And let’s be clear, leaders are not leaders because of a certain skill set. Leaders are leaders because they are setting standards higher than those around them. Leaders persevere and they don’t quit… ever.

Less Drama in your life:

When you raise your standards, you’ll avoid manipulative women / manipulative men like the plague. Whether they are friends, family or coworkers, you’ll know to keep your distance, and if you “have” to communicate with them, their complaining manipulative ways will fall deaf on your ears. You are now living the happy mind, happy life!

You Might be Single for longer than you’d like:

This a reality of when you’ve set your highest standards and expectations of yourself. This doesn’t mean that you’re an egomaniac or snob. High Quality women and Alpha Males tend to intimidate potential mates that have low standards, therefore making the dating scene thin with matching values. Any potential partner who tries to fake confidence; you’ll spot their red flags quickly and drop them like a hot potato.

Value your alone time:

When you raise your standards, you find out who the most important person is… YOU! You can invest in yourself, work on that side hustle or that hobby you’ve been dying to try for years. You can train for a Marathon! Because, why not?

Better Relationships:

When you raise your standards all of your platonic relationships will improve. When you enter a new romantic relationship with someone else with matching standards, it will flow easier and more natural. There will be no room for second guessing or mind games because both of you will be above that.

Genuine Happiness and Contentment:

Life is supposed to be fun and it’s about feeling happy. No one is going to do that for you. And you shouldn’t expect anyone to do that for you. Your happiness comes from within YOU. Choose that every day. Choose to observe things and not react to things.


~ So what exactly is the Process for Raising Your Standards? ~

The first thing you must do is something that I’ve mentioned in many of my YouTube videos. You must first conquer your mindset. Your subconscious mind analyzes the thoughts you think with your conscious mind, and then makes you believe to them to be true. So, if you’re thinking negative thoughts and have these limiting beliefs about yourself or your capabilities, then that’s what your life will be. You’ll live with worry, anxiety or even depression if it spirals out of control. A classic quote to depict this is “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. This isn’t because one financial class is better than the other. The rich just have a very different mindset than the poor. It’s not your fault if you have a poor mindset. This is just a mentality that is usually passed down from generation to generation. In my last video I mentioned the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. That book depicts this limiting belief perfectly.

The next thing you need to do is to take Action. Thinking happy thoughts will only get you so far. As Tony Robbins would say, “Turn those shoulds into Musts”. Sign up for that online course, start training for the race, start watching and reading more inspiring and motivating stories.

One final thing you can do to raise your standards, and this is a game changer, is to give more. Give more than people are expecting from you, every time. Don’t focus on what you’re not getting in life. Focus on what you can give and level up.

Congratulations on your personal growth! If you’re not there yet, don’t lose hope. You’re doing Amazing!

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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