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11 Best Law of Attraction Materials on Amazon

If you're just learning about the Law of Attraction, or if you've known about it for a while but now you want to take it seriously, we've compiled 11 of the best (highest rated) Law of Attraction materials we could find on Amazon.

This is a 12-month law of attraction planner and weekly goal setter. Having a planner is always helpful and having one with a focus on attraction and manifestation built-in is a huge plus. This planner is super in-depth and will help even the most forgetful people stay on task and reach their goals by attracting the life they want. It even includes a Law of Attraction road guide and a fold-out vision board. The trendy cover doesn't hurt either.

What list of the best Law of Attraction materials available on Amazon would be complete without mentioning The Secret, both the book and the two movies? This is the first place many people heard about the law of attraction (including myself), and it still is a great resource today. There are now two movies on The Secret, a new 2020 version called "The Secret: Dare to Dream," and the original documentary from 2006. If you are more into reading, the book written by Rhonda Byrne is also available on Amazon and is a popular choice. If you would like to see more of our highly recommended books on Law of Attraction, see our post here.

This easy-to-follow book on the Law of Attraction is a great place for beginners to start or anyone who wants to further hone the science of attraction. It is one of the best guides for the Law of Attraction and has an easy to follow 3-step-formula. It aims to help you learn how to use the Law of Attraction more deliberately and intentionally in your everyday life. It is a book you will come back to repeatedly, so owning it is a must.

Crystals are a tangible and helpful tool when it comes time to meditate or manifest. There are so many different crystals available even on Amazon, though, and it can be challenging to know where to start. This combination of Black Obsidian, Moonstone, Prehnite, and Tiger's Eye crystals has been specifically put together with the intention to aid in the Law of Attraction, so it is the perfect one to add to your collection or to start your collection.

Gratitude is an integral step in the mindset best suited to the Law of Attraction. In order to be open to the life you want, you have to adopt an attitude of gratitude. A gratitude journal is a great place to start, and this one is perfect. Sometimes it is hard to get into the habit of expressing gratitude, and this journal aims to make that habit a little easier to build. With simple 5-minute prompts, you will quickly build an attitude of gratitude that will only aid the Law of Attraction.

Having tangible things to meditate on and visualize is so helpful, and a manifestation candle is a great option. There are candles to help you attract everything from positive energy to good health. These candles are made with a blend of essential oils, so they smell heavenly while they are burning. Each candle also comes with an uplifting message and a positive affirmation for you to read, which is a nice touch. If you are interested in reading more about meditation candles, see our post here.

These colorful cards are such a fun option when you don't have time to delve into a whole book. They are both beautiful to look at and full of inspiring mantras. Choose one at the beginning of every week to start your week off right, or read one to inspire you before you meditate. There are so many great ways to use this gorgeous deck of cards. This deck of cards would also make an excellent gift for a friend who is into the Law of Attraction or anyone who could use a bit of a pick me up.

This book is chock full of meditations to aid you in so many emotions and situations. Everything from opening your subconscious mind to quick meditations to help you feel more inspired, this book has it all. This is so great for beginners who don't know where to start with meditating or anyone who does not have a lot of time but still wants to meditate. This book would also make the perfect addition to anyone's bedside table to use each night before they sleep or first thing in the morning when they wake up.

This is a workbook and journal to help you use the 3,6,9 method to manifest your desires. The journal has enough pages for you to use this method for 33 days twice. The 3,6,9 method is a great and simple way to use the Law of Attraction in your life, and it is made all the better by having a beautiful journal to write it all down in. This journal also includes instructions on how to use the 3,6,9 method, so it is an excellent option if you are new to this practice.

Who doesn't want to be more comfortable while they meditate? Meditating is one of the best ways to open up your subconscious mind and invite the Law of Attraction to work in your life, so why not be more comfortable while you do it? Your meditation time will no longer be interrupted by your sore back or your legs going numb if you buy this pillow to use while you meditate. As a bonus, it comes in a few different soft neutral colors and two different shapes that you can choose from.

Another great physical item to visualize while you meditate and manifest. If you are using the Law of Attraction to bring more wealth and financial success into your life, then these manifesting checks are a perfect option for you. They have a great design, and the simple act of writing out your intention will aid the Law of Attraction and help bring the money to you swiftly.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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