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30 Gifts for Expecting Dads

With all that's going on in the World, let's not forget our Superhero's at Home. Although expecting Mom's tend to get the majority of the attention, expecting Dad's deserve credit for the incoming miracle as well! With a variety of Gifts for expecting Dad's, you'll be sure to find something that speaks to your particular Dad to be!

*Links to these items are at the bottom of the page, or you can click on the photos.


~ The New Dad Survival Kit Gifts ~

1. A Handheld Vaccum

A handheld vaccum is a MUST once the baby arrives, but also to help Dad's prep the car for the big event!! A first time Dad Loves to make sure that his partner and expectant bundle of Joy will ride in comfort and cleanliness.

2. Diaper Bag Backpack

This diaper bag backpack is the epitome of functional, chic and really is a cool gift for expectant dads. This is a diaper bag that expectant dad's would be proud to wear around town.

3. Diaper Duty Apron

Dad's appreciate when things are functional. This diaper duty apron is a MUST when it comes to changing diapers

4. Carnivore Club Jerky Lover Gift

An expectant father needs his protein to handle the new tasks that lie ahead. What better than jerky snacks to get him through the nights of formula feeding.

5. Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show will help when Dad needs to video chat with Grandma to get advice, so he can let Mom take a nap.

6. Survival Kit

Maybe your man is the MacGyver type, or just a hunter / fisherman?! Your father-to-be will be ready for anything with this survival kit gift.

7. Home Improvement Drill

This home improvement drill will help the Dad to be with any last minute home improvements to need to be made before baby comes!


~ Funny New Dad Gifts ~

8. The Office T-shirt / Onesie Set

If your Dad-to-be is a fan of the hit show The Office, than this t-shirt /onesie set is another MUST!

9. Funny Expectant Dad T-shirt

A humorous t-shirt that shares a little light-heartedness while Mom is not allowed to consume alcohol during pregnancy.

10. Pizza Buddie T-shirt / Onesie Set

A perfect t-shirt / onesie set for the hard-core Pizza lovers!

11. Go the Fok to Sleep Book (paperback / Audio)

If you haven't heard this being read by Samuel Jackson, you need to hear it on Youtube! For those who want to give this as a comical (and oh-so true) bedtime story then you can get it here.

12. Daddy's Milestones Beer bottle Gift Set

Milestones aren't just for babies! What a cool gift for expectant Dads as they cross all their milestones. Milestones include, 1st time he gets peed on, surviving the 1st diaper explosion and 1st time alone with the baby.


~ First Time Dad Books ~

(All Books are available as Paperback / Audio / Kindle)

13. Be Prepared Book

This practical handbook for New Dads is chock full of really usefull information, including how to change a baby in a sports stadium to creating a decoy drawer full of old wallets, old remotes and old cell phones to deter baby from your current necessities.

14. New Dad's Playbook

The sports enthusiasts guide to fatherhood; from pre-season (before baby is born), to the Superbowl (arrival time) and the Post-season (after baby is home).

15. Watch Your Junk book

This book is one of the funniest parenting books you'll come across. This book also includes a section dedicated to twins.

16. Father to Daughter Book

There is nothing like the bond of the father-daughter duo. This book will guide your expectant dad to be on how to handle the delicacies of raising a daughter and at the same time teaching her to be strong within herself.

17. What to Expect when your Wife is Expanding

This is the testosterone filled parody version of the classic book "What to Expect when You're Expecting" that Moms to be have read for years.

18. 100 Reasons why a Son needs a Dad

This book will show expectant Dad's just how important their role is in Juniors life. Not only will Dad show him sports, but how to be a gentleman and how to go on imaginary adventures.

19. How to Raise a Superhero Book

This fantastic book give twenty superpowers that future father's can help develop in their children. A few superpowers include how it's important to make family a priority and how to be self-reliant, secure and confident.


~ Other Essential Gifts for Expecting Dads ~

20. First Father's Day Frame

This is a must-have for all new Dads!

21. Amazon Fire TV stick Streaming Media

For when the new Dad (or Mom) does have some down time, the Amazon Fire Stick is a perfect addition to the home entertainment.

22. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

For those Dad's who do enjoy their Whiskey, this beautiful gift set is sure to a big hit once the baby has gone to sleep.

23. Shaving Kit

Every man should have a quality shaving set. Newborn babies will surely appreciate a non-stubble face to snuggle against during play time.

24. Fishing Buddy Hook

This is such an adorable gift for the Fishing Daddy who visualizes bringing his little buddy out on the lake with him!

25. Willow Tree New Dad Figurine

Nothing is as sentimental as a Willow Tree Figurine. This figure demonstrates how in Awe a New Dad is with his little miracle of Joy.

26. Yard Games Giant Yard Pong

This yard game is perfect for Dad's summer bbq's and parties. Think this isn't kid relevent? Motor Skills would say otherwise!

27. Customizable Wrist Watch

Although smart watches have their place, there is nothing like a customized watch to commemorate the love between a New Father and baby.

28. GrillFather Cutting Board

Expectant Father's don't forget about grilling just because there's a baby in the house! Get your New Dad The Grillfather cutting board so he has the proper place to tend to the raw meat, instead of the kitchen table!

29. Grilling Meat Thermometer

To coincide with the Grillfather Cutting board, let's make sure Dad is cooking his meat to the proper temperature.

30. New Parents Commemorative Glasses

This pint & glass set is a beautiful way to commemorate the incoming bundle of joy.



Get your Top 30 Gifts for Expectant Dads here (links to Amazon):




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