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Law of Attraction Meditation Guide

It isn't enough to simply ask the Universe for something and expect to get precisely what you want in return immediately. Careful Law of Attraction practices and ongoing efforts (not to be confused with hard work and hustle) can help you communicate your desires more effectively for better results. The more you put into the process, the better the outcome. However, this is easier said than done for many people who are new to the concepts of the Law of Attraction. Notions of visualization and connecting with that higher power can sound a little too abstract at first. That is why it is essential to work on your LOA meditation and practice with patience and gratitude.

How Can a Law of Attraction Meditation Help Me?

Law of Attraction meditation will allow you to make that stronger connection, better visualize what you want, and turn manifestation into a daily habit. It is all about taking time each day to get in touch with both your subconscious mind and a deeper connection with the Universe, God, Buddha or whomever you call your source. However short-lived each day, this state of being will amplify the message and make your true desires much more transparent. You can do this no matter what you long for. Dream outcomes for health, wealth, material good, and other positive experiences are all possible with the help of this manifestation technique.

This is why using LOA meditation to manifest love, health, wealth, and enlightenment can be so much more effective than creating vision boards. Vision boards are a great tool, too, if you want to use them. They effectively create a big picture of ideas and desires about your perfect life or ideal future. But, they can be a little vague and misconstrued depending on the images we choose and the energy that goes into creating them. They are a great psychological tool for motivation, with visual reminders of why we are persevering through tough times. But, it helps to bring meditation into practice to manifest those desires from our subconscious mind on a deeper level.

Law of Attraction Meditation & Limiting Beliefs

You might find that all of these LOA ideas and principles sound great, and you want to create this new habit, but you don't know where to start. That is perfectly understandable, as meditation can be daunting at first. This is often because we place too much pressure on ourselves to get things "right," to visualize outcomes on day one or to experience extraordinary results straight away.

There are misconceptions that you need to clear your mind of all thought and achieve a zen-like state. But, this merely puts added pressure on us to perform, leading to doubts and extra stress. It isn't about clearing your mind of thought but rather focusing on the mind and being present in that moment. You don't take action to remove intrusive thoughts or questions but merely allow them to drift by, and return calmly to where you were.

What We Learn During LOA Meditation

You may also find that in letting go in this moment of Law of Attraction meditation, you will visualize things more clearly and uncover truths and desires previously hidden. Your subconscious mind will take over and let you go deeper into creating that perfect outcome, with finer details about situations, locations, and how you are in that future moment. You can express things that you might not dare say aloud.

In turn, the Universe will see your truth and help you get closer to what you really need. That is an important point here, too, with the Law of Attraction meditation and manifestation. There are times when we will ask for things and not get precisely what we had in mind. Maybe you were repressing a truth in your subconscious mind or refusing to go deep enough in your practices. Or, perhaps the Universe worked to give you what you needed and felt deep down rather than the more superficial request that wasn't entirely genuine.

How to Perform Law of Attraction Meditation to Manifest

Law of Attraction meditation can be done at any time of day, however it is highly recommended to either choose first thing in the morning or just prior to bed. Both of these times are when your conscious and subconscious mind are at ease and suggestable. See our article here on 10 benefits of morning meditation. Hopefully, this Law of Attraction meditation guide so far has convinced you that meditation for the Law of Attraction is a positive step forward to manifest your desires. But maybe you are a little wary about giving it a go because you don't know how to visualize or even start to meditate. The following steps can help.

1. Creating a Safe Space and Get Comfortable

The first thing to do in Law of Attraction meditation is to set aside a comfortable space in your home where you can carry out this practice every day. You might have a favorite chair that you can relax into, or maybe you want to sit on the floor with a cushion. You could even take things outside if you have a tranquil space and the weather is nice.

Wherever you go for your LOA meditation, make sure that you can relax without being disturbed. That means no interruptions from other family members or external factors. There are meditation apps out there that provide timers and calm noises to help you get away from distractions. Put your headphones on and slowly let the outside world melt away.

2. Working on LOA Meditation Technique and Breathing First

Once you are comfortable, you can close your eyes and do your best to focus on your breath. This is all you need to worry about when starting out with Law of Attraction meditation to manifest your desires. Don't rush into any ideas to visualize your outcome until you are more comfortable with the LOA meditation process.

The Universe will recognize your efforts as positive steps towards your goals. Remember that small steps in the right direction still get you closer to your destination. Pay attention to the rhythm of your breath on the inhale and exhale; focus on the spaces between. Do this until the end of your timed session and do the same the next day.

At first, you might find that you struggle to focus and listen to the chatter in your mind. The questions and doubts will show up, and this is normal. Just do your best to let them pass and then take your attention back to the breath. Eventually, it will become easier and easier to let go of those thoughts and be present with the breath as the subconscious mind takes over.

3. Gradually Start to Visualize Your Desires and Allow Your Subconscious Mind to Absorb Them

While this is going on, the Universe is paying attention and listening, even if you don't think you are saying too much. Because remember, you ask with vibrational resonance and thought, not necessarily with words. With time, you will have the confidence to add more proactive techniques into your practice to visualize your outcome. Let your mind find what you want from the Universe at that moment and let the picture unfold with as much detail as possible.

The hard part of the Law of Attraction meditation is allowing yourself to visualize everything you really want. Your subconscious mind may unlock things that you stashed away and manifest something that is confronting. If you ever come out of your LOA meditation feeling like this or with other negative thoughts or questions, give yourself a moment to process them, understand why, and show gratitude for what you saw.

4. Using your LOA Meditation to Enhance Your Efforts

You should soon find yourself ending the session with that strange feeling of being both relaxed and energized at the same time. This feeling is great and can help spur you on with your next tasks as you work towards those massive goals. You can live your ideal existence for the duration of the LOA meditation as much as is comfortable for you, and then continue that with an attitude of hope and gratitude in your daily life.

An inherent part of The Law of Attraction is the idea of living the existence you long for as if it is already your life. Act as if you have what you need. Show that you know that you deserve it and are fully ready to receive it. Stop acting like it is all a pipe dream. At the same time, show gratitude for all that is happening.

Consistent Law of Attraction Meditation Practice Pays Off

Remember that this is all part of the process of making that more profound connection to the Universe and manifesting what you need most for your health, happiness, success, and overall well-being. Using Law of Attraction meditation isn't easy. If it were, we would all be doing it each morning before carrying on with our day. But, the effort and the learning curve are vital parts of the LOA process. Take your time to understand how this technique aids your efforts to manifest positive outcomes and eventually you'll see great results. Learn, tweak and enjoy the process.

You don't plan and prep to go on a vacation just so you can get back home, right?! The joy is in the journey my friends!

If you're looking for an App that contains guided Law of Attraction Meditations, we highly recommend the Law of Attraction Meditation App by Abraham Hicks. Links to both Apple & Android can be found here.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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