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Morning Meditation - 10 Benefits of Morning Silence

Morning meditation is essential as it prepares you for the day ahead. The early morning is exceptionally peaceful for meditation. Morning meditation will clear your mind and strengthen your resolve to make crucial decisions during the following hours. There honestly is no wrong way to meditate, besides the fact that it provides a variety of physical and mental health advantages.


Silence and Positivity In Meditation

Meditation is self-reflective and will help you focus on gratitude and what is going good in your life. It will raise your vibration as you change your mindset to more optimism than pessimism.

If meditation is new to you, start your day with morning mindfulness. Keep it reasonably short, to begin with, as it will take some practice.

Mindfulness is the quality of being fully engaged and staying in the moment, free from distraction, and not getting caught up in our thoughts and feelings. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time each day, and you will become very good at it.

Find somewhere quiet for your meditation, either in your yard or a quiet room, settle in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. There are a plethora of guided meditations on YouTube to get you started. (Here is one I'm fond of at the moment.)


10 Benefits of Morning Meditation and Silence

If you have young children, get up before they do, to enable yourself to meditate in peace.

  1. Morning meditation is relaxing and provides clarity of thought.

  2. Reduces anxiety and lowers stress levels.

  3. Lowers Blood Pressure

  4. Zen meditation teaches you to think about not thinking.

  5. Can assist with pain management.

  6. Assists with attention span by regulating attention.

  7. Trains the person practicing meditation in self-discipline.

  8. Can help to control cravings in people with addiction, drugs, and alcohol.

  9. Assists with anger management strategies.

  10. Sometimes used as a trauma management strategy, following a life-changing event.

All the above conditions can be helped by morning meditation while in solitary silence.


Zen Meditation

Zen morning meditation is the primary practice of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Buddhist monks have practiced it for centuries, and it provides them with insight into life's meaning. The Dalai Lama is their spiritual leader and provides meditative spiritual retreats to followers in many countries.

The purpose of this meditation is to stop the mind from racing as to still the thoughts. Be in the moment.


Importance of Morning Meditation and Gratitude

Performing morning meditation in nature can bring about a great sense of gratitude for the beauty surrounding you. If you don't have space in your yard, you can go to a local park. Local and National landmarks are wonderful places for morning meditation. I personally have meditated at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. It was nothing less than divine.

Morning meditation brings about a sense of gratitude for more than the beauty surrounding you at that moment. You become grateful for the air in your lungs, grateful for the silence, grateful for your home, and grateful for your life.


Mental Health Guided Morning Meditation

If your mental health has suffered, you may be familiar with guided meditation, which mental health professionals often use. There are five techniques that are commonly used.

  • guided imagery

  • focused breathing

  • gradual muscle relaxation

  • hypnosis

  • mindfulness

These techniques are commonly used in a small group setting. If you get the opportunity to participate in a guided morning meditation group, definitely partake, as it will be a great skill to learn for your future well being.

If you feel a bit stressed juggling day-to-day workloads, morning meditation is considered a valuable stress management tool. Once you have learned the technique, make it part of your morning routine. It will only be a matter of time before you notice a vast improvement in how you feel in all aspects.


Silence During Morning Meditation

If you choose to meditate alone, the silence is extremely beneficial. Silence has been shown to have health benefits, which may help to prevent heart attacks.

Two minutes of silence can be even more beneficial than listening to relaxing music. Studies have shown that silence can stimulate new cell growth in the brain and improve memory. Silence is a crucial spiritual benefit on our spiritual journey and is an excellent thing to practice along with our morning meditation.


Morning Meditation in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Meditation is now available to treat people recovering from substance and alcohol abuse. The wellness circles' goal is to try to synchronize the mind and body and reduce the cravings for substances. Mantras are often chanted in this type of group to reinforce the positive mindset and outcome. As these participants are often undergoing treatments for months, morning meditation often results in an improved mood and a feeling of being supported.


Ongoing Morning Meditation

Anyone who has suffered from long term ill health would be wise to stay within a meditation group framework. This will keep the participant in a supportive framework of like-minded people. Meditation retreats can also be beneficial as they usually last for three days and are held in beautiful rural areas, which will help to restore one's inner balance. They are often based on Zen guided meditations and organized by expert group leaders.


Anger Management Morning Meditations

To manage the anger response, many people (often young men) are referred to meditation wellness circles to help curb anger outbursts.

Sometimes children can't control anger (following a family breakdown is a common reason), and they are referred to meditation therapies.

Imagery is mainly used in this context and helps the participant to understand the source of the anger. It is a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy that teaches about controlling the anger, which can take a toll on the health of the individual if left unchecked.

These meditations start off being brief and get longer as an understanding of what is happening is reached by the group. These sessions are typically conducted by a Clinical Psychologist and are held as a therapeutic group. Just one session has been shown to reduce the physical signs of anger. As the sessions continue, the benefits become evident, with participants showing a much calmer demeanor.

A study went on to show growing evidence that morning meditation held for children (before the school day) helped to protect the body and mind from the harmful stress of anger. It enabled participants to be less reactive on a physical and emotional level. Through meditation, they were able to learn to RESPOND, not react.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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