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What Does it Mean to Have a Blue Aura?

Auras are the type of energy field that surrounds your being and your self. Every living being has an aura. Aurae can not be seen with most people's naked eye; however, once you get to know someone's personality and character traits, you will have a good idea about their aura color and even the shade within the color. (See our article here that goes into more detail on what aura's are and how you can work on seeing them)

A person's aura can change over time. For example, when you're young, you may have a red aura as you grow and develop your root chakra. When you are a teenager, your aura may be orange, then yellow, green, blue, and if you reach enlightenment, (and not everyone does) is typically later in life (after 50 years old), it will become violet or white. Enlightnment is much easier achieved if you're an old soul. (Are you an old soul? Find out here.) Everyone's aura color is slightly different, and many people have a combination of colors in their auric field. There are machines at individual spas and special cameras that can read your aura and the openness of your chakras.

A blue aura can come in a multitude of shades and be cloudy or bright. Blue auras are known to be very calm and soothing. The blue aura is related to the throat chakra, as each chakra correlates to one of the 7 chakras. (See our article here on the 7 Chakras and find out which one you need to work on)

People who possess a blue aura are good communicators, are open and honest in friendships, have very loyal romantic relationships, and work best in a creative and imaginative work environment where they can express themselves freely and organically.

Personality of the Blue Aura

Blue auras are most closely related to expression and communication, so the personalities of blue aura people are usually very transparent and open. Although there are different shades of blue and a different opacity to each shade, in general, the blue aura represents confidence in knowledge and genuinely believing in one's self. Blue auras are laid back, easy-going and fluid like the sea. They make great public speakers, writers, teachers, and healers. They are usually leaders but love serving others with the gifts they naturally possess since they can easily get along with people and have an agreeable demeanor.

Types of Blue Aura

The turquoise aura is a mix between a green and a blue aura. It mixes the heart's qualities and the throat chakra, as the green is related to the heart. This is the most healing aura.

Another shade of a blue aura is royal blue or cobalt blue. Once again, as all blue auras, this is linked to communication and self-expression. However, it goes s a little deeper into intuition and spirituality. These people are profound, don't like small talk, and thrive with anything through creative expressions like poetry and art.

A sky blue aura is the most creative of the blues. They are more emotional than the other blue shades, thinking and speaking from their heart and genuinely connecting with others empathically. They spread both positivity and peace in their presence.

If blue auras are murky or clouded and not super bright, they may show too much dominance or come across as bossy, as blue is a more masculine colored aura. They also can be anxious or feel like they can't communicate in fear of how others will react or feel in return. This could also be the result of an under-active chakra.

The Throat Chakra and Blue Aura

The throat chakra is related to the blue aura and communicating with peace and serenity. It is about balancing how much you say and how much you listen. It is all about using your voice to connect with and help others. If you have a cluttered blue aura, you might feel like you can't express yourself or fear being judged. A blocked throat chakra brings up fears of inadequacy and feelings that a cloudy blue aura has.

It is essential to practice meditation, prayer, and yoga to help flow out those negative feelings and have a bright blue and healthy aura. Chakra work is important for every chakra and every colored aura; if any are blocked, none can function at their highest ability. Repeating affirmations to yourself and journaling about your inner and personal truths will help clear out your negative energies and strengthen your blue aura so that you are clear of harmful energies and able to spread light among each other.

Relationships with a Blue Aura

People with a blue aura are trustworthy and grounded in friendships and love lives. They are devoted partners and open about their feelings. You won't have to guess how they feel because they will tell you without hesitation. They don't try to be mysterious or play games. There is so much beauty in their vulnerability and willingness to express their hearts. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. They can calm down their partner or their friend, just spreading a soothing vibe always. Blue aura people may be too nice and can be taken advantage of for their soft hearts, so it is essential to set boundaries to keep the aura clear and free from blockages.

Career with a Blue Aura

Blue auras have to share their truth in the work environment. They work best where they have the freedom to express themselves. Career paths that are not recommended would be in banks, insurance, or really in any customer service position. They thrive in teaching, not just traditional but also in areas like yoga, reiki, and massage. They need to have movement and growth. Generally, blue aura people need variety and aren't huge fans of routine as a routine does not allow for much exploration and creativity as unpredictability or creating your own schedule. Blue aura people also make good bosses because they are very good at delegating tasks and following through on projects.

In Closing

If you meet someone with a blue aura, you will feel calm and composed. They have a presence that is soothing and sweet. Blue auras are fun to be around and can bring a feeling of peace to everyone they surround. Blue auras are bright with an angelic like peace. If you found that you match many of these qualities, then you're in good company. Be sure to speak your mind and perform your daily meditations to keep yourself lively and bright!

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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