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What Does it Mean to Have a White Aura?

From ancient times to the present, different cultures have described Auras or the "Auric Body" as different colors manifested in all living beings. The Aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding all living beings, and it is affected by each individual's physical, mental, and emotional state. It reflects the situations we experience and is directly influenced by our mindset, and what we think and feel. To have a White Aura means to have a halo of white light that glows around the body. Essentially, it is an energy field and shows what we are and what we are living. Your Aura is closely related to what your vibrational frequency is. (See my article regarding your vibrational frequency here)

The White Aura is also known as the Aura of diversity because some high vibration people may already bring it with them without a color fusion result. The White Aura signifies the abundance of light, which is very bright and high-energy. When all the etheric body colors vibrate in balanced harmony, they merge into this distinct White Aura as an exceptionally luminous being.

The White Aura symbolizes and is aligned with the perfection and beauty of things. It signifies consciousness, enlightenment, and spirituality. One who possesses a White Aura means that they have balance, tranquillity, and great energy present in their life. They are inexhaustible sources of pure and selfless love, transmitting peace, spirituality, optimism, humility, strength, and great joy.

The White Aura Personality

They are people who fight for the justice of others and work for peace. Some spiritual leaders such as Pope Saint John Paul II, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and others who have dedicated themselves to working for humanity's benefit were known for having a luminous White Aura surrounding them.

When a White Aura manifests in someone, we immediately identify someone independent and gifted with humanitarian skills. The possessors of the White Aura are very calm, peaceful, patient, and straightforward people. Although they are idealistic and loyal to their beliefs, they do not have high expectations of anything.

They are practical people. They are good at reassuring their loved ones. They have an innate wisdom of emotions. Their experience and knowledge will be open to sharing with anyone who needs it. That is why the White Aura is the purest and most spiritual Aura of all colors. It coincides with the crown chakra of enlightenment. (See my article on the 7 Chakras here)

Being Friends with Someone with a White Aura

Being a friend of a person with a White Aura is an invaluable experience. As noted before, he/she is a wise person. You can have a confidant and unconditional support for all kinds of problems. He/She will always have a word of encouragement to calm your worries. They will be with you when you need to make crucial decisions that affect your life.

Because they are simple, their actions are generally pure, and they generally do not like to receive anything in return. Sometimes this can be considered a weak point since there will always be someone who wants to take advantage of their goodwill and good deeds.

Romantic Relationship with Someone with a White Aura

In having a loving relationship with a person with a White Aura, you must understand that they are self-sufficient people. If you're looking for someone who depends on you, a person with a White Aura is not the right person for you. If needing to feel relied upon is a love language for you, you may actually feel neglected in that regard. They are independent people who do not need anybody to come to their rescue. They are confident in their thoughts and ways of living.

Since their experiences have taught them to be happy with what they have, they will always seek to do things independently.

This isn't to deter you from having a relationship with a White Aura person. They just need someone who matches their independent personality. They are faithful people, and they trust their partner, are loyal to them, and their level of commitment is significant in their lives.

With the White Aura partner, the love you'll get is unconditional. They typically don't expect that same love in return. It's not to say they don't value their worth, but find it more important to give rather than receive. They are people that appreciate a long-term relationship and will enjoy the day to day journey as much as (if not more than) any significant milestones along the way.

Work Relationship with Someone with a White Aura

Having a person with a White Aura as a co-worker is synonymous with companionship and generous support. They are calm people and committed to their work. Thanks to their intelligence, you will always have an answer to any questions you may have. They will provide you with the necessary support in any area. They are responsible, altruistic, and are open to listening to points of view different from theirs. They are natural workplace cheerleaders and will take you into account and praise the value you have added to the team.

Sometimes, due to their altruism, many unscrupulous people take advantage of a White Aura person's way of being. Don't assume that a White Aura person is naive, though. They just handle situations in their own way and timing.

In closing

Having a White Aura person in your life can be extremely valuable. They're genuine people and comforting to be around. If you can't see Aura's you still may be able to identify a White Aura person by their personality. They're typically very mature and wise for their age as if they've been through this life before.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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