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What Does it Mean to Have an Orange Aura?

What does it mean to have an orange aura

Everyone has an aura or an energy field, a type of vibe they put out to the public. You can have a red aura, orange aura, yellow aura, green aura, blue aura, purple aura, or white aura. You may even have them all, but there are usually one or two colors that are predominantly "you." Depending on your mood and emotions, specific colors will come to fruition, and different shades, clouded or bright, will overpower the others. Each aura is connected to a chakra that is dominantly portrayed in an individual. If you have an orange aura, you are very in tune with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the second of the seventh chakra, and it represents a very creative and sexual energy. It relates you to others. An orange aura represents a very intense, creative, and passionate energy. Everyone with an orange aura has a different shade of orange, slightly different personality, carries different types of friendships and romantic relationships, and finds a different and successful occupation. However, below you will discover simulates within people who have an orange aura.

Personality of someone with an orange aura

Orange aura people are all-in on their pursuits. They dive into things headfirst and are action-oriented. They are prone to burnout because they expel so much energy so quickly in everything they do. They are impatient and want to get things done in their own timing and on their own terms. Orange auras can have a temper and burn like a fire with all their passion. They like change, and they like action. They are not stagnant or prone to following routine. Depending on the shade of your orange aura, your personality shifts, and you have different strengths and weaknesses.

If you have a peachy orange aura, your personality is creatively expressive, and you're able to communicate ideas and thoughts very well through writing or teaching others. If you have a tangerine orange aura, you have a very spontaneous and up for anything personality. You are always full of fun and cool, innovative ideas. A pumpkin orange aura shows a lot of self-confidence, drive, and an excellent eye for detail in artistic pursuits. Finally, there is a burnt orange aura, and that represents having a personality that never backs down or gives up. The burnt orange aura is having the action plan and following through with it to actually go after your dreams. Orange auras have that go-getter personality that stands out in any crowd.

Being friends with someone with an orange aura

Being friends with someone who has an orange aura is never dull as orange auras are the most spontaneous and adventurers of all the colors. They are not as common as a blue or yellow aura because they are rather extreme in the passions they pursue and in life generally. They aren't great at compromising, so it's important to set firm boundaries early on with your orange aura friends. They are very sensual and love giving and tend to give their friends and loved ones fantastic gifts. Make sure if you have orange aura friends, you don't lose your voice as they can become overbearing and controlling at times too.

Romantic relationship with someone with an orange aura

Orange auras generally gravitate towards more passive people, who go with the flow since they make the plans and run the show. At the same time, they make great lovers because they are earthly and sexual. They love pleasing others, sometimes to a fault and far beyond themselves, which in turn can make them burn out in a relationship. They put everything into their relationships early on, which is both endearing and sad because orange auras can easily be taken advantage of. Make sure you love adventure and passion if you pursue a relationship with an orange aura.

Work relationship with someone with an orange aura

Orange aura's tend to have a lot of personality and charisma, making them come across as confrontational and bossy or confident in terms of whatever it is they are doing. They make great CEOs since they are so good at taking the lead. However, they need creativity and variety, which also means they make for great teachers and writers. They are imaginative and earthy at the same time, a truly gorgeous combination for any career they pursue.

In conclusion

Orange auras are fierce. Whether they are bright or clouded, the potential in a dominantly orange aura is compelling. Just think of a lion; in charge, confident and loyal. They are fun, spontaneous, impatient, and truly beautiful givers. They have so many strengths and so much energy for life. They are the stars in the room.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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