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What is the Law of Vibration anyway?

There's More to the Phrase "Good Vibes". The great generation of Woodstock attendees were on to something with this phrase. You, Me, and everything in the Universe is vibrating, some at higher frequencies than others.

What is the Law of Vibration?

Something you likely didn't learn about in school is called the Law of Vibration. It's actually the primary law to the "Law of Attraction." The Law of Attraction would not exist without the Law of Vibration. The Law of Vibration is derived from the first law of thermodynamics in that EVERYTHING is energy, and nothing can be destroyed, only transferred.

When we look at matter through a microscope and go down on a sub-atomic level, we find pure energy, and it is vibrating. Your dining room table may look solid, but I assure you that it is vibrating at its own frequency on a sub-atomic level. Everything in the Universe is vibrating; You, me, and the wall across from you.

The highest creator of your understanding, whether you call that being God, Buddha, Great Spirit, or Universe, it is of the highest and purest vibration. God is pure consciousness.

You must understand the Law of Vibration if you're going to take control of your health, of your relationships, or if you want to become wealthy.

Your thoughts and emotions give off vibrations. The vibration you're currently in will determine what you attract into your life, and if you're always in a negative mindset, you're going to attract a lot of bad energy.

Fear is an extremely negative vibration. It's a very negative emotion. It is caused by doubt and worry, which is caused by ignorance.

If you ask your friend how they're feeling, what their response is telling you, is considered their conscious awareness of the state they're in. If your friend says, I don't feel very well, or I'm in a bad mood today, what that means is, she is in low vibration. If she says I feel fantastic, then she's in high vibration.

It makes sense, doesn't it? Imagine the times that you have been in a great mood and come across a friend who's in a miserable mood? Unless you're aware of this reality, your friend's energy will likely start to envelop you, and you are no longer in the great mood you were in before. You begin to feel uncomfortable in their presence (their energy), and your inner being is signaling to leave.

However, if you were already in a bad mood and they are in a bad mood, you're going to come together and feed that energy willingly, because as we all know, misery loves company!

Your character, behavior towards others and yourself, and how you choose to live your life primarily make your vibration what it is. Your vibration is built up from life's everyday experiences and how you approach and handle them. Positive thoughts and doing your best to maintain a positive mindset will help bring about a positive (higher) vibration.

The Law of Vibration in the World today

There is consistently a choice in how you perceive something. Let's, for example, discuss the current state of the World. Of course, it is heartbreaking that so many people are dying, and world economies have been flipped upside down. My sincere condolences if You have lost anyone during this epidemic.

The Media will feed you what sells. Unfortunately, that happens to be sadness and fear-mongering. You have a choice to either absorb yourself into the fear-mongering and regularly rattle off daily death rates and sadness to friends and family (essentially feeding the societal fear and negativity) OR CHOOSE the higher vibration by seeing the Good and Happy repercussions from this health crisis.

Back when the Pandemic was declared the World stood at a standstill. As a result our Earth and Nature were healing. Pollution had decreased. Families were bonding. People are helping People with admirable efforts. We saw what truly matters in the World. This is not meant to dishonor those that have passed or those who are sick. They can indeed be acknowledged. But acknowledgment does not mean that you STAY in that mindset or vibration. Do yourself a favor and turn off the News. I assure you, it is NOT serving you well.

So how can you apply the Law of Vibration in your life?

You first need to think about how your manifestation is going to make you feel. The feeling is VITAL to manifesting your desires. When you "feel" that you are in possession of your desire, your subconscious mind does NOT know the difference between what is actual versus what you're imagining. It only understands that it just is. When you obtain that mindset that is full of feeling the joy you would have, do your best to stay in that place for as long as possible. Do whatever it takes. Participate in activities or go places that encourage the same sense of joy that you would experience as attaining your desires. Be sure to take a few minutes a day to visualize and imagine what it will be like once your desire manifests. Over time, this behavior makes your conscious mind BELIEVE what your subconscious mind is telling you. This is the process of setting beliefs in our lives. Before you know it, it manifests! It has to. It is Law!

An Inside Story...

When I was a child I used to drive around with my mother in prosperous areas where families lived in large homes, had manicured lawns, swingsets and swimming pools. I would do this sporadically throughout my life and mentally put myself in the mental place of feeling precisely what it would be like to live in a home and neighborhood like that. Not only was this a very joyous thing for me to do, but I have manifested that EXACT life!

Now, my boyfriend, son, and I drive around in multi-million dollar neighborhoods and put ourselves in a vibrational state of what it "feels" like to live in a multi-million dollar neighborhoods. We already have a house picked out on Redfin!

Are we there yet? In our mind, we are.…, and that only means one thing. In reality, we will be soon enough!

Remember, the more time you spend in that high vibrational state, the sooner your goal will arrive!

I wish that all your dreams and desires come true!

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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