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What are Auras, and how can I see them?

Auras refer to the invisible energy frequencies that surround all living things. In people, auras correspond to the chakras and have specific colors. Auras have been documented for well over 5,000 years, and the study of auras is based upon the principle that all living things vibrate with energy frequencies that can be measured and recorded. The aura of an individual gives us insights into their dominant and weak character traits, emotional realm, and desires, abilities, and fears, as well as intuition, intelligence, and insight.

Cutting edge technology has made it possible to decipher auras using specially designed cameras. These cameras are used to observe and capture energy frequencies, which are displayed in concentric, colored fields of light surrounding the body. This practice is known as Aura or Kirlian Photography, which paved the way for aura based medical diagnostics. See this article for more information on Kirlian Photography.


Auras can't always be seen. At times these can be felt because each color has its own vibration. It is not science fiction, nor is it far fetched if you stop to consider that several animal species, including dogs, can hear frequencies that humans can't hear. Seeing auras is not in itself going to give you revelations about yourself or another person. You'll need to study and understand the meaning behind your findings. Auras are identified by color and divided into levels.


Auras are measured in levels or layers, which correspond to the seven wheels of energy operating throughout the human body.

Physical plane:

This is the layer closest to our skin and represents our physical body.

Emotional plane:

This refers to our state of heart, moods, and feelings.

Mental plane:

This layer is related to our power of reason and logical processes.

Astro body plane:

This is the plane that refers to spiritual health and the capacity to give and receive love.

Etheric plane:

This plane is related to psychic abilities, which may involve senses above and beyond the traditional five senses.

Celestial plane:

This plane involves intuition, enlightenment, and creativity

Causal plane:

This last plane acts as a facilitator and guide for the other six planes.


Auras radiate in varying colors, and each color has a meaning, corresponding to one of the seven main chakras:

Root (at the base of your spine) ~ Red:

The root chakra represents our foundation and stability and feeling grounded. Just as a home needs a solid foundation, so do we.

Sacral (just below your belly button) ~ Orange:

The sacral chakra stands for abundance, wellbeing, sexuality, and ability to reach out to others.

Solar Plexus (at the central base of your rib cage) ~ Yellow:

The solar plexus chakra, which is the center of personal power and identity. The phrase "go with your gut" is a feeling originating in our solar plexus.

Heart ~ Green:

The heart chakra houses our capacity for love, self-love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Throat ~ Blue:

The throat chakra rules our power of expression and communication.

Third Eye (space between your eyebrows) ~ Purple and violet:

Both these colors refer to the third eye chakra, which is the seat of our intuition, imagination, and our ability to focus on the big picture.

Crown (top of your head) ~ White:

The crown chakra refers to our spiritual connection to divine consciousness.


In an aura reading, it is rare to find a person with a single color. By analyzing the colors and which chakra level they refer to is the key to reading and interpreting auras. Colors can be pure or muddy, giving these different meanings. Muddy colors point to areas where the individual is experiencing blockages, needing work. Similar to tarot readings, when a card is upside down. It inverts the meaning. For example, a muted tone of yellow manifests the negative traits, whereby a confident person becomes overconfident or cocky. When we look at the description for each color, we refer to archetypes.


If Red is prominent in an aura reading, it points to a passion-driven individual that enjoys all the earthy sensual pleasures of life. The red aura belongs to those restless spirits driven by an endless passion for pure enjoyment and adventurous life on this physical plane.


The color orange is typical of perceptive, dynamic individuals. They crave newness, and making new friends is easy for these joyful, self-confident individuals.


Yellow has the power of attraction and the ability to motivate others. Sunny, bright, warm, radiating inner joy and self-confidence. They have undeniable star potential and magnetism.


Green is creative, compassionate, responsible, and focused, with a profound love of nature and eager to assist others.


Blue encompasses honesty and clarity in communication. An intuitive and empathic disposition is indicated. Loyal, highly committed, and romantic.

Purple and Violet

Visionaries, eclectic, and inspirational. Highly original artists and innovators. Unstoppable when they set their minds on something. Natural leaders.


Openness, receptiveness, and serenity. At peace with themselves, the world, and the entire universe. Inner illumination and wisdom are indicated.


It is important to remember, when doing an aura reading, to pay attention to the details, the layers, and the pureness of the color. Is there a predominant color? Auras can reveal to us those areas that need looking after. They can shed light on problem areas and imbalances, which in turn can lead us astray, causing grief and strife.

For example, personal expression and communication are ruled by the color blue and refer to the throat chakra. If a person repeatedly steps away from voicing their feelings regarding an issue that is important to them, this could lead to an imbalance. Repression of one's personal powers of expression can lead to frustration, anger, and isolation. This imbalance could manifest itself in the physical body, in the form of a sore throat and laryngitis. A blockage in this area can have long term detrimental effects if not addressed such as lymph node issues and cancers of the neck if one has been restraining from voicing (standing up for) themselves for many decades.

An aura reading can be seen as an early diagnosis of a malfunction that needs addressing. Not all illness is rooted in the physical body. An aura reading can reveal blockages, mental, and emotional, which can lead to physical issues. An aura reading can be an instrument to guide yourself and others in achieving a healthy balanced life and keep growing. It is an aid to becoming the best possible version of yourself. An aura reading can lead the way to a higher self if one is so inclined. It is not by coincidence that all yoga practices are rooted in the seven chakras.

Auras are not set in stone. They keep changing according to each individual's life journey and spiritual evolution. The ability to see auras can be acquired through practice. If you believe that every living thing on the planet vibrates with energy, then reading auras will make perfect sense to you. (See our article on the Law of Vibration here that goes into more detail on our vibrational energies)


The study of auras and its use for healing and therapy dates back millenias ago. Aura photography is primarily used by healers, therapists, private and medical practices. Aside from personal traits and disposition, a person's aura can also reveal their current physical, mental, and emotional state, making it an excellent tool for diagnosis. Aura readings may have practically become mainstream with the first Kirlian Cameras. However, the existence of auras is still a highly debated topic in the scientific community.

Whether or not you see auras, if you are interested in learning or simply want to improve existing skills, there are several options.

Quite a number of online courses are available. I, personally trust courses through Udemy, plus you can get 7.5% cash back if you have a Rakuten account. These courses are designed to take you through the steps to learn how to see and interpret auras while providing reference materials and support. There are an infinite number of books available for purchase if you wish to deepen your understanding of this practice.

You may find that you're still not able to see auras, but this should be no reason to give up. You could buy a Kirlian camera or, better yet, go see an Aura reader. There are also a multitude of apps developed for aura captures and readings.

Reading auras has stood the test of time, and it is still with us today. It is now possible to become a fully accredited and Certified Aura Healer. There are well-structured online courses covering the basics of aura seeing and reading techniques, aura diagnosis, and various healing methods.


Whether you want to seriously pursue the art of aura reading, to become a healer, or whether you are simply interested in a tool for self-help and growth, there is a vast world of information, books, courses, and a network of like-minded individuals to assist you in your quest for knowledge and wellbeing. Thank You for making this article part of your journey! Namaste!

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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