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What Does it Mean to Have a Yellow Aura?

An aura is a type of invisible energy that resides within and around each of us. The color of a person's aura reveals many things about them, including their thoughts, feelings, dreams, and personalities. Though auras can contain more than one color, there is typically one predominant color.

Auras develop over time and are formed from both outward experience and inner journeys. All living things emit some variation of this energy, and these unique colors and vibrations can be interpreted by gifted healers.

Though present in multiple different shades with a variety of meanings, a yellow aura generally emits from beings of positivity and spirituality.

Personality of Someone with a Yellow Aura

It's good news if someone tells you that you have a yellow aura. It means that you are spiritually and emotionally in a good place and that you carry an air of positivity wherever you go. A yellow aura also emits from feelings of joy and freedom - and this joy often comes from a place of generosity. You like to share your happiness with others, which in turn increases your own satisfaction, creating a bountiful cycle of good vibrations.

Other personality traits of a yellow aura include wisdom, optimism, and creativity.

Some shade variations of a yellow aura include:

  • Brilliant yellow aura: You are spiritually inspired and have an exceptionally playful nature.

  • Dark Yellow aura with brown tinges: You may be struggling with academic, professional, or personal pressures but are still trying to find joy in creative pursuits.

  • Pale/light yellow aura: It's the start of something new, and you are filled with excitement and optimism for the future.

Being Friends with Someone with a Yellow Aura

Caring, happy, fun, and inspiring - what more could you want from a friend? Someone with a yellow aura is spiritually primed to be an excellent companion. It is in their nature to watch out for you, to comfort you, and to make you smile.

However, from the brightest lights comes the darkest shadows. If their yellow aura should dim, it might mean that they are becoming spiritually crippled by emotional struggles or giving too much of themselves. They might not want to accept their difficulties and try to soldier on without addressing the problem directly. They may be reluctant to share these struggles with their friends since they are used to being champions of the light, and they will feel uncomfortable emitting any negative energy.

Still, your yellow aura friend will keep your best interests close to heart, and with your help and some solo recuperation time, they can soon return to their bright yellow, exuberant self.

Romantic Relationship with Someone with a Yellow Aura

Due to their positivity, joyfulness, and kindness, someone with a yellow aura is likely to attract a great deal of romantic interest. There's a warm and fun personality, with spiritual depth and wisdom to back it up. People with yellow auras tend to place high importance on humor, communication, and joy - three pillars of a successful relationship.

One caveat comes in the form of the free-spirited aspect of a yellow aura. Some people with yellow auras don't respond well to feeling locked-in to a particular path. Because freedom is valued so highly, they might be somewhat slow and cautious to commit.

It's also worth noting that people with yellow auras are usually better suited to equally positive people. There can be a tendency for people to rely on those with yellow auras for emotional support, and overly negative people can quickly drain the energy of those who shine the brightest.

Work Relationship with Someone with a Yellow Aura

People with yellow auras tend to be natural-born leaders and sociable, personable, and motivational. In the right setting, they are an excellent colleague - the kind that makes the workday a little bit easier.

Of course, some people with a yellow aura might find themselves ill-equipped to deal with the strains of a highly pressurized workplace. As positivity ideals, they might respond poorly to negative energies circulating the office and will probably take any negative comments to heart.

Still, the creative energy of someone with a yellow aura is not easily quenched. They have the potential to thrive in a number of jobs and could even become an excellent boss.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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