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7 Signs You are an Old Soul

Old souls think differently from the rest of the world. They are empathetic people who feel and understand others and the world at a level higher than the "average" soul. Old souls give off a vibe (an energy) that is considered wise beyond their time on earth. You can often notice from just their presence and a look in their eyes. Old souls are generally very present and focus on being and living in the moment. However, they don't ignore their past and generational traumas. They work through life with an understanding that doesn't seem to be learned. Instead, it just seems to be known.

Sign 1 ~ You are a Natural Giver

Old souls know that the best way to live is to give. The purest form of love is to give, not to get something in return, but just to bring other people love, light, and happiness. Whether you give time, money, or things that will serve others, you understand that nothing is more rewarding than gifting the gift of giving. You find joy in bringing other people joy because you know that life is about so much more than what you gain... it is all about what you give.

Sign 2 ~ You are Very Calm

Old souls handle themselves well under pressure. You are calm even when everyone else appears to be running around like a chicken with their head chopped off. Some people look at you confused, like how you can manage stress so well... but you do not allow the little things to phase you. You do not let the actions of others disturb your demeanor. Old souls have a natural peace and calmness to them. Old souls have a zen-like vibe because they are confident in who they are and don't let outer influences irritate them. They can calm down an entire room with only their presence. A lot of yoga teachers are old souls and empaths. They can monitor the room and keep people calm by appealing to them from different senses like touch, taste, seeing, etc.

Sign 3 ~ Small Talk Bores You

Empaths and old souls live for deep connections. Small talk does not cut it for you. If you are an old soul, you need others, and you need to bond. Happiness is only real when shared, and humanity is only truly enjoyed when connecting with others on a soulful level. Small talk is nice, but it does not feed the soul like a genuine connection does. Whether the relationship is platonic, romantic, or familiar, there needs to be depth and purpose. You have to breathe life into your conversations and feel each other. Otherwise, you feel as though there is no point.

Sign 4 ~ You are an Introvert

Old souls love company, but they also need alone time. They fill up their own well during their alone time, drawing energy from themselves or God. They are their source. Empaths and old souls need time to focus on their life path and think about their direction. Old souls spend a large chunk of time journaling, meditating and going inward. They are much more focused on internal thoughts and feelings than outward appearance. Old souls also love to read because they want all the knowledge. They are a well for new information, gathering, and gathering, never wanting the learning to cease. Old souls know that they will never know it all, and that makes them extremely wise. As stated prior, old souls need a genuine connection, so they are picky with who they give their time to and who they are with. That leaves them alone often because so many people cannot connect at the level the old soul needs for genuine and deep connections.

Sign 5 ~ You are Incredibly Spiritual (not to be confused with religious)

Most old souls believe in something much larger and more significant than themselves. If you are an old soul knowing that something out there is greater encourages you to be a better person and make better decisions. You realize that you are not it, that there is more beyond in the unknown, and instead of terrifying you, it brings you peace and purpose. Being spiritual makes you a helper and a healer. You are extremely grounded and connected to the Universe, God, or whatever, or whomever you believe in. Old souls feel connected with this greater source through spending time in nature and star-gazing. Landscape and Astro-photographers tend to be old souls.

Sign 6 ~ You Don't Need a lot of Things

Old souls collect experiences over materialistic things. They would rather spend their money on a camping trip or a vacation abroad than they would the designer bag or fancy watch. They place value on making memories and living life, as opposed to looking in style or keeping up with the latest trends. Old souls don't find meaning in materials. They find meaning in living, and in seizing the day.

Sign 7 ~ You are Highly Emotionally Intelligent

The largest contributing factor to considering yourself an old soul is emotional intelligence. You understand your own emotions and can process them. You also understand and feel other's feelings. Even though you have not lived in other people's shoes, you can feel their pain and their pleasure. If you are an old soul, you may be baffled why others cannot communicate or feel their feelings in this heightened capacity. Many people probably come to you to talk about their problems because you can serve both emotionally and mentally to their needs. You are often the friend "therapist" in the group, as you have answers far beyond your years.

Final Words...

Old souls are far and few between. If you have all of these qualities, or the majority of them, chances are you are an old soul as well. This is such a blessing, especially during these times of fast living and instant gratification. Old souls see beyond what is seen and feel beyond what is felt. They can feel the whole world in their hearts and souls, and they live for people and the present while incorporating and connecting the past and a brighter future.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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