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Top 5 Meditation Candles for the Law of Attraction

Candles not only add ambience but are also a vital tool to enhance and support your meditation routine. Using them during prayer and mediation is a common and historic practice among many cultures and beliefs. When it comes to manifesting your desires, there are a variety of candles you can choose from, depending on your inclinations and aspirations (Money-Love-Peace-Healing-Wisdom). Meditation Candles typically include essential oils to alter or influence your mood, cognitive, psychological and/or physical well-being through aromatherapy. Candles are also a popular tool for the "candle gazing meditation" (aka Trataka). During Trataka, the candle flame is a focal point during prayer and meditation. This aides to help you concentrate, balance stress, and clear your mind.


Top 5 Meditation Candles

The candle collection by Crystal Journey all contain a delightful aroma along with being constructed of an essential oil blend. I personally love that all of the Crystal Journey candles come with an affirmation and an inspirational message. This Money candle by Crystal Journey is the favorite amongst it's competitors.


A best seller for Love focused candles, you can't go wrong with this candle. It's beautifully embedded in a frosted jar and smells AMAZING! Made of a soy-wax blend and all natural essential oils, this collection is very popular for good reason!


Chesapeake Bay's collection does it again! This Peace+Tranquil candle is described to have a soft, clean and refreshing scent.


(For Grief, Sadness, Stress & Emotional Turmoil Herbal) This all natural Healing Soy based candle company blows it's competitors out of the water! This candle is elegantly made with real herbs and various essential oils including lavender, eucalyptus and thyme, etc.


(For Intuition, Purification, Wisdom & Clarity) Like the healing candle, this Art of the Root candle on the list has also bewitched it's buyers with quality and aroma. Along with the real herbs, this candle contains sweet grass, lavender, palo santo among other purification essential herbs.


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