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Break Free from Fear and Have the Courage to Live the Life YOU Want

Whether it's Starting Your Own Business or Leaving a Toxic Relationship, You are the One who Determines Your Future and You need to Take Action NOW!

If you truly want something different in Life, you Must Face your Fears. Courage does not mean you're not scared. It means you're willing to challenge yourself and overcome your fear to get what it is that you desire.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become.” ~ Steve Jobs

You see, there is only this moment, "right now". (See my YouTube Video on this exact topic) This is the only life we have and it's shorter than you may realize. The present is the only moment that we can be certain is guaranteed. So now that you feel inspired to move through your personal barriers, you ask, how and where do I start? How do I even attempt to Leave a Toxic Relationship, Start a Business, or even Run a Marathon?


Step 1 ~ Ask

Go Within and ask Yourself what exactly you want. Be Clear on what you want down to the very detail. Now that you know, Ask God, the Universe (or whomever you Believe to be Your Creator) for this goal to not only happen but for Guidance and Courage along the way. You can also ask through Meditation. Meditation is crucial in Raising your Vibration, which in turn, helps you to be a happier and more confident person. A wonderful visual tool to aid you in this step is a vision board. This can range from an elegant fabric board hanging on the wall to folder full of photos on your phone.


Step 2 ~ Believe

You must Believe that what you want is not only feasible, but that it will GENUINELY happen. Writing and saying Positive Affirmations are a powerful tool in helping to Believe your dream / goal will come to fruition.


Step 3 ~ Inspired Action

You can't just ask the Universe to turn a 180 in your life and then go make a sandwich, completely leaving it all up to chance. You must actively pursue your goals and dreams with Passion. You must take Inspired action. When the time is right (hence "inspired") you will begin making the plan.

~If you're looking to start a Business your thought process would go like this: "I want to Start a Business within the next Month. I will research on the computer/library today what tax/business forms I need to file and with whom. I will go out tomorrow and get financing from my local Bank." etc.

~If you're trying to leave a toxic relationship, this is the point where you build your support system of either friends or family. Please, if you ever feel that you're in danger, call your local authorities. If this is your situation, I highly recommend the audiobook / book "When to Walk Away ~ Finding Freedom from Toxic People" by Gary Thomas.

~If you're goal is to Run a Marathon, this is the point where you sign up for a race, buy your Hoka One One Running Shoes and start planning your running routes.


Let this be the synchronistic sign you’ve been waiting for. Let this be a synchronistic sign for You to Start Living Life courageously. It’s time to start creating your life deliberately instead of creating it by default; living on autopilot like a robot. You don’t need to wait for the right moment, the right situation, or the right tools to take control of your life. Stop Waiting. I assure you, whatever you need is already Within You, and the most important time in your life is Right Now. You utmost Dreams happen outside your comfort zone.

Throughout this process you will find that you're growing more and more confident and the courage is getting stronger. You are on your way to attaining your goal. Congratulations My Friend.

“What would Life be if we had No Courage to Attempt Anything?” ~ Vincent Van Goh


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