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5 Signs Manifestation is Coming

You are Aligned with Your Desires! Your Manifestation is HERE! Read on to see at least one sign you haven't heard about yet!

If you'd like to watch my YouTube video on this topic, check it out here ~

This is such an exciting topic, because everyone is trying to manifest something or someone into their lives. Whether, we're searching the internet for "law of attraction love" or "law of attraction money", we've all had moments where we wonder if our manifestations are coming. Comment down below what you’re trying to manifest in your life. This is a community of positivity so we will all send you positive vibes to help you in your endeavor. Don’t think that works? Have you ever noticed that some of the largest lottery prizes are won by workplace groups; a group of people who pool their money to buy tickets? That collection of people are all visualizing the same numbers thus enhancing their positive vibrational output toward their collective win… Then BOOM, lottery win!!

Let’s first understand that your manifestation has already happened. It happened the second that you had the thought in your mind that you wanted something. NOW, you just need to Align with it. (Not familar with raising your vibration? See my post here) You need to get on the vibrational frequency of that which you desire. How do you do that? You need to believe you already have it. When you can do this with consistency and no doubts in your mind that you already have it, the reality will be imminent. Don’t believe that it’s "coming", because in your subconscious mind, it will forever be coming. You have to believe you already have it. It’s YOURS. You are already a Millionaire, you are already in an AMAZING relationship, you already have the home of your dreams! Believe it. Follow all inspired actions that the Universe sends you. Choose happiness in every moment. Be excited that it’s here!

So.. what are the signs?

My first sign is the most common. As I get further in the list, the less common they are.

Manifestation is here SIGN 1 ~ Seeing Angel Numbers

Oh how I love angel numbers! Angel numbers are patterns and sequences of numbers. With nothing short of divine timing, these numbers are shown to you to encourage you on your journey. If you search the internet, you’ll find numerous definitions for each sequence. I grabbed my Angel Number cheat sheet from my Instagram page to give you an idea on their meanings. One thing that is consistent across all research is that the more duplicated the number, the more magnified the message. For example, seeing 4444 is more powerful than seeing 44. Something else that should be noted is that you’re not supposed to be searching the environment for these “clues”. Your eyes will be guided to look at just the right moment to see these angel numbers on license plates, clocks, addresses, etc. It's actually a little spooky when you first start seeing them.

Manifestation is here SIGN 2 ~ Coincidences and Synchronicities

Let me start off with this sign by saying there is NO such thing as coincidences. Coincidences are merely signs of things or thoughts you are manifesting, whether by default or purposely. If you’ve been pondering the thought of getting a Porsche and all of the sudden you start seeing Porsches everywhere, that's not a coincidence!

Another scenario is when those close to you are experiencing situations that seem eerily similar to your desire. For example, let's say you would like to win the lottery. You're speaking on the phone with your spouse who informs you that his boss jokingly said they hope that your spouse doesn't win the lottery because he is a valuable employee.

Or maybe your neighbor pulls up one day with a shiny new Porsche. Refrain from jealousy or envy in this situation as that lowers your vibration which pulls you away from your desire. Be grateful that your dream car is getting closer to your own garage.

These scenarios are not a coincidence. These are considered synchronistic signs. They are signs sent directly from the Universe that your desires have been heard. This is the unfolding of it all. The Universe likes to have fun with you and will show you signs through those around you as well. Enjoy the journey. The more you see them, the more you are aligning with and coming closer to your desire.

Manifestation is here SIGN 3 ~ Inner Ear Ringing or Tingling

This one will drive you crazy and might have you calling your doctor thinking there’s something wrong with you. If you’re in pain, then YES, please call your doctor. Nothing about the Law of Attraction should involve pain! It will be a very subtle sound. Some people have experienced a low decibel sound. I personally have only experienced a high decibel sound. It will come and go when your manifestation is very close.

Manifestation is here SIGN 4 ~ So inexplicably Happy

If you’re at this point, this is HIGH VIBE LIFE right now! People will ask why you’re so happy and where they can get some of your joy. You can tell them that happiness comes from within and most will just roll their eyes. This is what the law of attraction is all about. Like attracts like. You want to raise your vibration. You are doing it if you’re inexplicably happy. Things that used to bother you (slow drivers perhaps) just don’t seem to bother you anymore. You know that everyone is on their own journey and that’s okay. You can ONLY control you. And there’s such freedom in that. And freedom is what brings you joy.

Manifestation is here SIGN 5 ~ Body Chills ~ Shivering ~ Goose Bumps

This final sign is by far my favorite. When I see signs of my incoming manifestation I get shivers. There will be days just before I’ve received a manifestation where I will get shivers constantly throughout the day. I just smile, because I know exactly what they’re all about. My subconscious mind is revving me up and I love it.

At this point you may wonder what I, personally have manifested?

I have manifested specific pets, my condo, my Jeep, countless unexpected checks from the most random sources. A few months ago I received a check for over $200 from Toyota. I honestly have NO idea why. I haven’t owned a Toyota in over 5 years.. The Law of Attraction is real, the Law of Vibration is real and Manifesting your desires is VERY real.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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