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Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

A Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp is a beautifully hand-picked / hand carved salt crystal that will add endless ambiance and calmness to any room. It's the perfect choice for a gift or a wonderful piece for your meditation space. The lamp sits upons an attractive wood base, comes with a 6 foot chord, a touch dimmer switch and (2) extra 15W bulbs. These are all original pieces of genuine Himalayan Salt and come with certification depicting the mine location of their origin. Since they are original pieces each one will vary is size and pink tone from another.

Levoit is a company that you can stand by. If you happen to come across a piece that doesn't meet your reasonable expectations, Levoit has a reputation of replacing your salt rock with a more suitable piece.

How does a Himalayan Salt Lamp play into the Law of Attraction?

Besides the hosts of other benefits as a natural ionizer, salt lamps have been suggested to remove negative energy and bad vibes. This in addition to their ambience is why they're so popular in meditation and sleeping spaces.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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