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How the Law of Attraction Makes You a Better Runner

If you have never heard about the Law of Attraction, you may be have been living under a rock. The Law of Attraction has been intriguing people since the popular Book / Movie The Secret came about in 2006. If you're completely new to the Law of Attraction, we highly suggest you preface our article here that goes over the basics.

General ways to apply The Law of Attraction to running:

Ensure your mindset is positive and committed. Visualize your desires, taking the time to create a "running" dream/vision board. For sprinters, paste pictures of the best; Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce. For marathon runners, post pictures of Desiree Linden, Shalane Flanagan, Meb Keflezighi. Add photos to your running dream board of anything to help nurture the development of your mindset.

Enhance your mindset with the Law of Attraction technique of daily affirmations. Include positive messages, but remind yourself to remain disciplined. A fundamental tenet of LOA is action. Follow the LOA guideline of action by eating right and training well. In your Law of Attraction affirmations, remind yourself of how much better you will feel by accomplishing the various aspects of your training and completing your goal. Use an LOA gratitude journal, monitoring your progress with kind words of encouragement.

Use the LOA meditation techniques to help visualize your path. Through meditation, you will enter the inner world of your psyche. Here you will visualize a way to realize your desires, further solidifying a dedicated mindset. Remember to repeat these processes of LOA regularly.

For best results, utilize all your senses in your training. Create the best music playlists to keep you in high vibration on your runs. Throughout your training, eat how you will on race day. Tailor your runs to the environment of your race. Is your race along the seashore? Do some training runs alongside the beach.

Specific ways to apply The Law of Attraction to running:

100-yard dash:

There is no room for error with only seconds of running time divided into the starting, acceleration, maximal velocity, speed endurance, and deceleration phases. Propper running training for sprints requires a plethora of leg exercises, various types of sprints at 30, 40, and 50 yards, such as weight resisted sprints.

When meditating, visualize yourself on the track. Visualize the starting phase. Your feet are planted firmly on starting blocks, the muscles in your calves tightening as you enter the acceleration phase. Air filling your lungs as you are running with longer strides at greater frequencies. Your heart is beating faster as you will yourself to maintain your speed through endurance. You decelerate near the end, but you muster up your remaining energy, running as fast as you can. Only a few seconds, but so much effort with immense focus demanded. Frequently visualize the entire process as you mature your mindset.

5k run:

To begin training for a 5k, start your first week by running for a few minutes with one-minute walking intervals. Repeat this process several times. Aim for six days of running per week. As the days and weeks go by, increase the amount of time you run and decrease the number of walking breaks. Keep doing this until you can run for 5k.

For 5k training, consistency is essential. 5k training requires running nearly every single day. In your LOA daily affirmations, encourage yourself to remain on your constant exercise regimen. Visualize the routine. Day in and day out, you are running. Affirm yourself as a runner. You are the routine. You always have a clear objective each day, running. Visualize persistently, embracing the system, and before you know it, you will have a firmly devoted mindset.

Half Marathon:

For half marathon training, start your week running for several miles. The next day focus on a full-body workout, including such exercises as crunches, squats, and pushups. Spend the following two days running for an additional mile. Rest the next day. End your week's training by running an extra mile with rest the next morning. As the weeks go by for back to back, mid-week runs increase to 5-6 miles. For the last run of the week, continuously increase your running distance until you are comfortable with running for 11 miles.

Remain motivated by recording your training and progress in an LOA gratitude journal. This way, you will have written proof of how far you've come. Write optimistic (and notably, in present tense) statements, such as, "I feel pride, accomplishing my workout goals.". Sometimes you may be tempted to skip a day of running or strength exercises for your half marathon training. When doubt sets in, use LOA affirmations. Don't focus on how hard half marathon training is, but how good your body feels after and how pleased you feel with yourself for enduring it.

Another way of helping maintain a steadfast mindset is to visualize your training. When meditating, clear your mind of anxieties. Don't visualize making it to the end; you are concerned with each individual step. Visualize yourself tired but feeling good from the endorphins your brain releases while running. Lose yourself as you visualize the melodic movement of rhythmically placing one foot in front of the other.


As you start marathon training, begin the week (Sunday = long run days) by running for a few miles. Mondays are typically rest days, but if you're able, a good 2-3 mile walk or quick 15-20 minute bike ride would be great. The next day (Tuesday) work on strength training (body-weight squats and lunges), same as you would for a half marathon. The next two days (Wednesday & Thursday) run 2 miles. The following day (Friday) work on strength training again. Saturday should be another gentle day, reserved for short distance walking or biking. Run an additional mile longer the following Sunday. As the weeks of marathon training go by, slightly increase your running distance for the two mid-week runs every couple of weeks. But consistently increase your running distance by one to two miles on your Sunday long runs until you peak at 20 miles.

While you are running on long-distance days, you will be the most tempted to stop. This is when you can engage in a different type of LOA meditation. You will be moving, and you will be aware of your surroundings, but you will be exerting so much energy that your consciousness will become altered. You will be too tired to think about anything else other than the moment, so embrace it.

Ultra Marathon:

Ultramarathon training consists of several months of running for three to four miles, five to six times a week, working up to a 16-mile run. While still regularly running, include a once a week run of 16-20 miles. Train for running up-hill but pay special attention to down-hill running to avoid eccentric contractions and micro-tears. Strong muscles are a necessity to continue running in an ultra marathon. As such, you should perform pushups, core work (planks), and light leg strength training. Strong glutes are imperative in a successful gait and runner.

Use the LOA affirmations to tell yourself that you are frequently running further and more often than most people could only ever dream of. When meditating, visualize the ultramarathon, accept that you will feel pain, and certainly be tempted to give up. By recognizing your inevitable doubts, you will be able to refuse them when they come. Visualize the temptation of accepting failure, marred by agony and unparalleled exhaustion, and still screaming "No!". With practice, you will gain an unbreakable mindset to refuse defeat.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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