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Think & Grow Rich with the Law of Attraction

We live in a vibrational Universe. Every manner of object or being is vibration, energy in motion. You, the person reading this, are energy in motion. Every part of your body is teeming with life and energy and creating movement. The chair you are sitting on is just as vibrational as you, the difference being its vibration moves at a slower density. A conscious being, such as yourself, is consistently broadcasting your vibration via your feelings and emotions. Contain and direct your emotions, and you can contain and direct your vibration, which in turn entails the ability to Think and Grow Rich. The best way to do this is with your mindset.

The Man Behind Think & Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill understood this concept of thought and magnanimously shared his understanding of the Law of Attraction with his book, Think & Grow Rich.

In a time where this country was reeling from the Great Depression, Mr. Hill saw a way for the common man to rise to greatness. Napoleon Hill was born in 1883 in a small, one-room cabin located on the border of Virginia and Kentucky.

Napoleon was a second-generation American who was known to be a bit of a wild child until his father remarried a woman named Martha after the death of Napoleon's mother. It was the tutelage and guidance of Napoleon Hill's new stepmother that created the man who would inspire millions of people to Think and Grow Rich. Martha made sure Napoleon learned to take an interest in education and contain the Spirit within by seeking guidance from above, becoming a regular Church attendee. The rest of Mr. Hill's life proves quite colorful. However, one thing is certain; he understood that hard work helps in successful achievement. Hard work, having the correct mindset, and engaging the Law of Attraction is the keystone when it comes to having the ability to Think and Grow Rich.

Utilizing the Law of Attraction

Napoleon Hill understood the validity of the Law of Attraction based on understanding how powerful emotions are. Emotions are energy in motion. When you can control and direct your emotions, you are taking control of your mindset and utilizing the Law of Attraction to the best of your abilities. A common misconception is that you can attract whatever is your heart's desire. While that is technically true, it is more accurate to think that you do not merely attract what you want, but you attract from where you are—mindset over matter-where your vibrational frequency is at.

Attracting from where you are is the first step to understanding the Law of Attraction. If you want to Think and Grow Rich, you must be in a wealthy mindset. Hill illustrates these points in his book Think & Grow Rich when he discusses the notion of how important it is to desire, have Faith, and employ your Imagination. One must be careful when using the Law of Attraction to attain any desired outcome is to take great care in engaging desire'. In his book Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon states, "The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat."

Making Your Desire Work For You, Not Against You

One necessary mindset to keep is to use desire as fuel but not overindulge. A small fire cannot sustain heat or longevity, but a fire out of control can decimate thousands of acres. When we are in a positive place, the Law of Attraction works quickly for us, and almost every detail comes through beautifully. Desire can be like gasoline on the fire of your wants, and thinking fervently allows you to more powerfully put yourself in the mindset of having achieved your dreams. However, it can quickly turn from feeling empowered to feeling worthless. When we let our desire overpower us, our use of the Law of Attraction can become warped. Noticing the absence of the desired fruition in our lives can lead us down an incorrect mindset of unworthiness.

It would do well for you to remember how prevalent desire is in your life when wanting to master the Law of Attraction in an effort to Think and Grow Rich. Once you've identified something you want but do not have, you've initiated desire. You can use this to your benefit or detriment, depending on whether your thoughts are fueled positively or negatively. If you were to zero in on how good it would feel to attain your desires, and you feel confident in your ability to Think and Grow Rich, you can effortlessly achieve all that you imagine.

Resting in Faith

Like water quenching the thirst of a throat parched by smoky air, Faith can help calm the desire when it becomes unruly. To masterfully use the Law of Attraction, you want to maintain a desirous mindset of what you want to achieve, and when you feel your energy in motion start to become negative and drag you down, buoy yourself up with Faith. We can be masters of the Universe within us, but we still live in a physical world with other co-creators. We sometimes share the same desires with others, or the desires we have a conflict with another, as you aren't the only person who has a hunger to make life easy and enjoyable by the Think & Grow Rich method. You may not be able to control the world with-Out, but you can control the world with-In. Faith can be a gentle bed to which you escape and rest your weary head, helping to maintain a positive mindset and maintain control over the Law of Attraction.

Faith is the mindset of knowing there is an all-powerful force out there. We exist because of this force, but we also contain this force within us, and it connects us all. Faith is the confidence that your desires are coming to you through the Law of Attraction. This mindset of Faith can be fun to build as well. An exercise you can do to better understand the Think & Grow Rich process is to first think of an object that has little value to you. Is it the middle of winter, and it's been months since you've seen a sweet yellow butterfly? Think of this butterfly. Think of how joyous you feel for the few seconds they exist in your reality as they float on by. How warm did the sun feel on your skin the last time you saw this butterfly? Were there birds chirping? Were you walking in the park or getting back in your car to go to work after a lunch outing with friends? Putting yourself in the good feeling place of what it felt like to see a happy little butterfly, you are making the Law of Attraction bring you that sweet little butterfly.

Imagination Is The Foundation

Spend about three minutes focusing on this yellow butterfly and getting into the mindset of your last pleasant experience of seeing the butterfly, or whatever object of your choosing. Feel nothing but happiness and gentle Faith that you will see a butterfly. Then completely forget about the butterfly and go about your day, keeping a positive mindset. Did you see a picture of a yellow butterfly online or on a little girl's shirt at the store? When you first use your desire to manifest something seemingly inconsequential, and the results appear, you will have absolute Faith that the Law of Attraction, as well as being in a mindset of Think and Grow Rich, can be used to change your life! Fair warning; actually seeing this little yellow butterfly (or whatever insignificant object you choose) may freak you out a bit!

The concept of Think and Grow Rich is merely utilizing your Imagination once you have focused on what your desire is and that you have the Faith to bring it to you. Work can be an ugly word as it invokes images of indentured servitude. Many people take pride in how hard they work. The idea of working hard and making yourself suffer was, in effect, an outcome of the Great Depression. Humanity had been raised around the concept you have to work for the material provisions and possessions you want and need in this life. Suddenly, economic downfall affects this country, and shockingly no one has any tangible results for their hard work. Work is what we based our lives around because it yielded results, and suddenly, we were left without results. Yet some men were able to prosper?

Success Is 90% Mindset, 10% Sweat

These men were able to prosper because of their mindsets and their capitalization on the methods explained in Think & Grow Rich. Their minds were set to attain and keep wealth, and their micro-reality reflected this, while the macro-reality was very different for society at large. This fact here is proof positive of the power contained within the Law of Attraction. To Think and Grow Rich, you must cultivate a mindset focused on inspired action. Inspired action is how we can work smarter, not harder. Inspired action comes from an active imagination that can make decisions to put us on the path to Think and Grow Rich. The Law of Attraction is not just utilized for material objects but also the intangible. If you need inspiration, ask the Universe. Maintain a curious mindset and employ the Law of Attraction in your life.

Desire, Faith, and Imagination are all valuable tools accessible to anyone with a working mind who wishes to utilize the method of Think & Grow Rich.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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