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6 Visualization Methods that are Easy & Effective

Visualization is such a critical step in the Law of Attraction. What visualization does is help you focus on your goals and manifest them. Visualization will help you in creating a positive and motivated mindset. It generates an image in your mind of everything you want out of life. One step further, it tells the Universe what it is you would like to attract in your life.


So Why Is Visualization Important?

Visualization can help you create your dream life, and these visualization techniques are used by many successful people to achieve their goals. The following benefits of visualization:

  • Encourages and Motivates ~ Visualization inspires and excites you to create the life of your dreams.

  • Reprogram your brain ~ The art of visualization trains your subconscious mind into believing that your desires are already in your possession.

  • Confidence ~ As you get more comfortable visualizing yourself achieving your goals and dreams, the more confidence you will start to feel.

  • Stress Relief ~ When you are visualizing, you are generally in a zen state of mind. Visualizing gives you a sense of peace and helps to clear your mind, easing any worries and stresses you may have.


Meditation is a great visualization technique. When you're meditating you are using visualization at a time when your mind is clear and present. When you meditate, you start to gain more access to your inner being. Being fully present in the moment, you can focus on yourself and your goals and aspirations as you send out positive vibes.

Meditating helps your brain release any negative vibrations you may be holding on to. It gives your mind the time to wander. You can have robust visualizations through meditation as you allow your brain to do the work for you while simultaneously letting go of any negative energy.


Vision Boards

A vision board visually represents your desires, whether it's wealth, a partner, something spiritually related, or something completely different.

Making a vision board is an inventive way of connecting with your desires for the future. Vision boards can be constructed using everything from natural objects to drawings and magazine cutouts.

When you create a vision board, you are physically identifying your vision and dreams. Vision boards must be personal and unique to you; anything you find that motivates and inspires you should go on your vision board.

A vision board is great to have in your office, or on the wall in your bedroom. By being in the background, the vision board is subconsciously keeping you motivated and inspired.


Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are simple statements that rewrite your beliefs and helps you move towards your desires. An affirmation is a repeated and spoken message. You can include visual affirmations too. Check out my "Vibe & Visualize" Youtube series to see an example of this.

An example of a spoken affirmation would be, "I love having a great job where I'm appreciated and valued." This would be an affirmation you would utilize if you are trying to find a more fulfilling job.

The Law of Attraction operates on the basis that the Universe recognizes your thoughts and energy. Repetition is an essential part of your affirmations. The more that we tell ourselves something, the more our subconscious mind accepts the message, and it becomes part of our belief system. Once that has happened, the sooner it will be manifested into our lives.

Examples of visual affirmations include:

  • Having your affirmations on post-its and put up where you can see them frequently. It is also good to have your visual affirmation in locations connected to your goals, such as on the fridge if you're trying to lose weight or on a mirror if you are looking to improve your confidence. Make sure your affirmations are always complimentary.

  • Daily reminders on your phone so that your affirmation regularly appears in front of you.

  • Consistently write out your affirmations at the beginning or end of the day.


Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal (or diary) is where you write down everything that you are grateful for. It is an excellent visualization method that can help you to believe in yourself and your goals while providing you with a positive outlook. Ideally, this should be done daily.

Every night before you go to bed, write down 5-10 things that you were grateful for. This keeps you in a positive mentality and helps you reflect on the good things you currently have in your life. It's also wonderful to look back at what you have been grateful for in the past. Reflecting on the amazing things about yourself and your life from your gratitude journal encourages your belief that you can and deserve to attain your desires.


Magic Check

Another excellent visualization tool is to use what is called a Magic Check. You can use this to attract wealth, among other things.

The idea is to write out a check to yourself and clearly state what you want to accomplish. This could be monetary, but it could also be another goal, such as getting a new job or finding your ideal partner. When you're through reading this post, check out my Law of Attraction success stories video on Youtube. At the beginning of that video, you will hear how Jim Carrey's acting success can be attributed to a "magic check" story.

A magic dream check is best put somewhere that you will continuously see it. It could be next to your bed or in your purse or wallet. Remember, the dream check does not always have to be about finances. Whatever your goal may be, write it on the check and make sure you feel good about what you are trying to manifest. The way you feel while writing the check is pivotal. You need to believe you will attain your desires genuinely. Fuel your check with as much positive energy as possible and imagine that you have already received the money or goal that you want to achieve.


Creative Visualization

It’s time to get creative and have fun with your visualization! Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, you will be surprised to find how motivating it is to create something that visually represents your desires. You can do this by photographing, painting, drawing, writing, or even creating images (photoshopping you inside your dream car or home) on your computer.

Similar to a vision board, you can hang your work of art somewhere you frequently see it. Generating the art yourself will only make it more personal and unique to you.


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~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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