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Mother's Day ~ Law of Attraction

How I Manifested My son Long Before He was Born.

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You may have heard in my previous videos or read it in my YouTube bio, but if you haven’t, I am a Mother to my handsome 9 year old Autistic son. Today’s video I’m going to get a bit personal and tell you exactly how I manifested him into my reality, and even how my deceased Mom played a part in naming him, without me realizing it until years later. What’s up guys, welcome to another video. My name is Joeyanna and I help Inspire and Motivate you to recognize what your Subconcious Mind already knows. While you’re here go ahead and click that Subscribe button as it really does help my channel to reach more Amazing people like you! And as always, there are video bloopers at the end, because making Youtube videos is not as easy as you may think!

I always wanted a little boy. I grew up as an only child, raised by a single mom. I was a Tom boy and I loved playing outside in the dirt. Barbie was dating GI Joe and all seemed right. I had neighborhood friends but I wanted that connection of a little boy in my life. I remember begging my mom for a little brother. I even recall a point where she contemplated adopting a little boy but financially it just wasn’t possible. This is where I began manifesting a little boy (granted, not intentionally but by default). Energy goes where intention flows, right?

I am a go with the flow kind of woman. I never put much pressure on circumstances in my life. Atypically I wasn’t a woman who dreamed of having a huge family or even motherhood. I know that contradicts what I said earlier but what I mean is that I always wanted to have a little boy, but the thought of responsibility that comes with Motherhood was not something I idealized.

So as with manifestation, you can’t NEED something, for it to come to you. So, you put your desire out into the Universe and let it go. I know that’s easier said than done when you really do want something, but this is where FAITH comes in and you must TRUST that it will come.

In September, 2010 I found out I was pregnant. My (now ex husband) and I were not trying to get pregnant, but we weren’t preventing it either. I must have taken 6 pregnancy tests. I was full of mixed emotions. I was excited but terrified. I accepted the challenge and I basically went on creating my life by default. Fast forward 3 months to Christmas Morning, 2010. I got up at 4am to go to the bathroom and hemmoraged blood. We rushed to the E.R. where I sat alone in the office (while my ex in the waiting room) for an hour… listening to various doctors and nurses say Merry Christmas in the halls during a shift change. During my time of solitude in that room I solidified my connection with God and asked for mercy and the health of my child. I left the hospital 3 hours later in delicate condition and my child was labeled a “threatened miscarriage”. One Month later, I found out it was a boy and I knew my childhood hopes and dreams had been answered. I didn’t know of the Law of Attraction at this point, but I did know that there was more to life than just drifting through it day to day without intent.

Seven Months after that terrifying Christmas morning Benjamin was born naturally at 9lbs 2oz.

A year and a half later I was going through some old items in storage and came across memories of my Mother’s. She had passed away in 2006 from a long battle with Leukemia. My mom was my best friend until she passed away and I still miss her dearly. One of the items that I found was this box that contained my mom’s ashes after she passed. She was cremated on July 11th by a man named Benjamin. July 11th is the day I went into labor. Benjamin was the ONLY name that my ex and I could agree on. There is NO such thing as coincidences my friends. It is ALL the divine Universe at work…. ALWAYS.

Another year and a half later, I started to notice that my son had some traits that just seemed off. He didn’t respond when you called him and his language was behind compared to other kids his age. He was diagnosed with Autism. Now some parents are devastated by this diagnosis. I got a lot of “I’m so sorry’s” from well-meaning friends and family. I was not. I knew this did not define him. I have to say that unfortunately There’s still a stigma with a good portion of society that if you have Autism, something is wrong. I assure you there’s nothing wrong. They just think differently. There’s a perfect quote that goes, having Autism is the comparison of being a Mac in a Windows PC World. It’s just a different operating system. I was determined to get all the help I could for Ben so that he could live a “normal life” and not feel left out.

Ben entered into Early Intervention at 2 ½ years old and he has come SO FAR. If you said something to him then he would have screamed at you. Now he’s an extrovert! He still struggles with some things, like haircuts but I WOULDN’T CHANGE WHO HE IS FOR ANYTHING IN THE WORLD. He’s amazing and he is my Manifestation!

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