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How Long does the Law of Attraction Take?

How long before my desires come into my life? Let’s dive in and figure that out.



Now let’s first start off with a common misconception and understand that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working, whether you’re aware of it or not. Like the Law of Gravity, It is working 100% of the time. You just have to decide on your thoughts, feelings and essentially your vibration if the Law of Attraction will be working in your favor, or toward unwanted things.

What you really mean when you ask this question is, how long will it take before my manifestation or my desires come into my life? Well, Is this something you truly believe you can have? Are you resonating and vibrating at the same frequency of that desire? If your filled with frustration and anxiety about that which you don’t have, then you are in low vibration and you’re actually pushing your desire further away.


One of my favorite quotes by Abraham Hicks is that it is as easy to manifest a button as it is a castle… That’s a powerful thing to hear, and it’s true. If you’re struggling to manifest your desires (whether that’s a new home or a lottery win) and you’re finding yourself asking is the Law of Attraction real, then I suggest you go back to something that would be easier for you to accept and build back your faith in the Law of Attraction. So do this, tomorrow morning when you wake up, say out loud “my intent is to see a pink car” or any other arbitrary (but believable to you) thing.

Now if you’re intending to see a pink car, you don’t necessarily have to drive past it, you may see it online or maybe even as a toy in your child’s room. God is very creative when demonstrating that he’s heard you. If you don’t see it that day, you likely will within a few days, again as long as you believe that it happen and you’re being present in the moment and you’re aware of your surroundings. Do me a favor, comment down below what thing you’re intending to see tomorrow. I’d love to hear your stories! I’m sure this has happened to you before, but there have been countless times for me where I have thought about old friends that I had lost touch with and wondered how they were doing. Sure enough within maybe a week, I got either a text, email or phone call from them checking in on me. I just smile because I know the Universe heard me, and that in itself is reassuring.


I love this question, one, because it is a valid question and two, because Law of Attraction coaches across YouTube seem to be split on the answer. Some LOA coaches will tell you that you need to put your intention (or your desire) out into the Universe and just let it go and wait. Other coaches will give you a regimented schedule of scripting, meditation and affirmations. I feel that I lie somewhere in the middle. Scripting, Meditation, Affirmations and Mirror Work all have their place in the process, usually in the beginning when you first set the intention. I can also see where “letting your desire go” has it’s place during the process as well. Now letting your desire go doesn’t mean you just give up on what you want. You give up “Needing it”; your attachment to it. When you have the mindset of feeling okay about the possibility of not having your desire, it comes closer to you… It seems counterintuitive, I know, but you need to trust that this is how it works. As much as I love the Movie, The Secret, I feel like it leads people to believe that they can just daydream about their desires expecting it to show up at their doorstep. So, what I’m a firm believer in, is Inspired Action. Take action to attain your desires. However, this should not be considered "work".

Let me give you a couple of examples here. Let’s say you desire a more financially prosperous life. Maybe you’ve been grinding your life away and you’re just tired of the rat race. You come to learn about the Law of Attraction (which is not a coincidence by the way) and you begin to deliberately apply it in your life. You’ve put your request in with the Universe and you’re actively working on your state of being, you’re choosing joy and positivity as your dominant outlook. What happens next can be very subtle and this is where you need to be aware of your thoughts. You could be out on a drive and you will get chills or an indescribable hunch as you drive by a convenience store, so you go in and buy the next winning lottery ticket!

Or maybe you dreamt about online business ideas that involve something you’re passionate about. Follow the breadcrumbs. Take the inspired action. The difference between work and something not considered work is not the hours you put into it, but your enjoyment of it. It’s not considered work if you’re putting in 60 hours a week on your passion. Everything you deal with in life is a matter of perspective and how you handle or react to situations. The opportunities are immense, you just need to believe and be receptive to what’s being shown to you.

A little side note here, when it comes to financial prosperity, one thing that really opened my eyes to what I’ve learned about money in my life is the popular book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. It’s an autobiography about how Robert grew up with his “poor biological dad” and his best friend’s “rich dad”. The book enlightens you to what the rich teach their children about money that the poor do not. I’ll have a link to this book down below if you’re inclined to buy it. There is a full audio version of the book here on Youtube, which I have listened to and it is narrated well. I just like to highlight and make notes in my books, so thought I’d mention it, if you’re like me.

So to sum up, how long does the Law of Attraction take? It’s totally up to you. Your job is to trust and have faith in Yourself and the Universe. Try not dwell on what you don’t have or how long it’s taking to come, as that will generally make it take longer. Smile at the synchronicities everyday.

Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy!


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