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What Tools Can Help Me Manifest?

Have you been trying to Manifest something amazing in your life and you’re growing frustrated? Maybe you’re struggling to see synchronicities or get any sort validation from the Universe. This article is going to address how to improve your environment with certain tools that will help to improve your outlook toward your manifestation. Remember that your consistent feelings are directly related to how quickly you align and essentially manifest something.

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I’m excited to share this post as this is a topic that I researched relentlessly when I first started deliberately creating with the Law of Attraction. It’s completely understandable that we all want to have the best tools at our disposal to have the success we desire.

A heads up that I will leave affiliate links down in the video description below if any of these items peak your interest. These items are in no particular order.



The first tool I find vital in my manifestation process is this journal. Journals are a great tool to write your affirmations in and to do scripting of your desires. There’s no special quality a journal should have, other than it feels right for you. It should match your style and personality.


Vision Board

This one is highly personal, and I cringed for the longest time at the thought of sharing my vision board with you guys. Please don’t judge. We are a Law of Attraction family here and We all have our own desires.

If you’re trying to manifest a car for example, Have pictures of that car everywhere, your phone, your computer, your wallet. By having these constant visuals we engage our subconscious mind that this car belongs in our life. What happens next is you will start seeing this car in your day to day life! This is a sign from God that he has heard your request and is showing you “your” car as acknowledgement. That my friends is called a synchronicity, so anytime you see the object of your desire, be sure to joyful in that moment and Thank the Universe for acknowledging you… And Be excited that it’s coming!



Candles just make us feel good. Various aromas can be nostalgic and uplifting and some even have purpose as they can destroy negative energy. Candles can be utilized while saying your affirmations and while meditating.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

Another Item that brings calming ambiance to your home is a Himalayan salt lamp. Various benefits include purifying the air in your home, boost your mood, help you sleep and can eradicate the electro-magnetic pulses that our electronics give off.



Having greenery around you is a mood boosting phenomenon. I personally have an aloe plant, a bonsai tree, a couple of money trees an orchid and a couple I can’t pronounce. But they fill my environment with life. They help reduce stress and they clean the air.


Wall Street Bull

So as my manifestation goal regards financial abundance, I have a few items specific to this desire. This is my little Wall Street Bull. I call him Frank. He sits in front of my computer all day and he makes me smile. This particular statue is solid bronze. It’s actually really heavy for it’s size.


24K Gold Leafed One-Million Dollar Bill

Pictures of this really don’t do it justice. This is just a beautiful commemorative bank note that helps in visualizing my millions.


Fire Resistant / Water-proof Document Envelope

I keep my affirmations, our passports and cash in here. I just feel that it gives my affirmations an extra boost. Whatever helps us feel good, right? Because that’s what it’s all about. Like attracts like, baby!


Your Brain

I know, cue the eye roll. But seriously if your mind is not in a positive place then you’re putting up mental blocks if you’re trying to force a manifestation to happen. If this is you, do yourself a favor and take a break.


**Get Your Manifestation Tools Here**

1. Law of Attraction Journal / Planner ~

2. Vision Board - I created from print-outs online ;)

3. Money Candle (others available based on your desire) ~

4. Himalayan Salt Lamp ~

5. Money Plant ~

6. Wall Street Bull ~

7. 24k Gold Leafed Million Dollar Bill ~

8. Fire Resistant / Waterproof Document bag ~

9. Brain - Not for sale ;)

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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