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The Secret to having the Law of Attraction Work for You

Are you finding it hard to make the Law of Attraction work? If so, you might be doing something wrong (unintentionally of course). Some people are good at manifesting because they know small secrets that newbies don't care about or aren't aware of. In this article, I'll share some of the secrets that the guru's may not be sharing with you.

Visualize What You Want Specifically

The Law of Attraction requires you to think about the things that you want to achieve. However, newbies often make the fatal mistake of "vague thinking." They believe in outcomes that have no context. That said, LOA ( short term for Law of Attraction) only works if you believe in achieving results that are on point or specific.

But what does "believing in achieving outcomes that are on point and specific" mean? Here's an example. The Law of Attraction won't work if you're vague and if you simply think that you'll become rich. After all, there's a lot of ways for you to make it big. You can start a business, become a well-known public figure, be the best guy/girl in your field of work, etc. How? How are you going to get rich? Will you win the lottery? If so, how much? There's a popular Law of Attraction story of a woman named Cynthia Stafford who knew she was going to win 112 Million dollars in the lottery. And, she did.

The power of the Law of Attraction won't be at play if you don't learn how to think or believe about what you want in a specific manner. That said, always remember to visualize the desired outcomes in great detail. So always think about the small things that matter, such as the processes, methods, and conditions you need to realize a goal. Don't just think about your dream home. Visualize yourself making breakfast there, showering there, decorating for the Holidays. Get into the details. This is called creative visualization.

Creative visualization is essential. It helps to focus your energy. With more focused energy, you'll be more likely to attract desirable outcomes successfully. Furthermore, it also provides ideas about what you need to do to achieve something.

How do you practice creative visualization? Here's a simple exercise for you:

First, get a paper and a pen. Then write down a particular goal. After that, add ideas that relate to it. For example, write down your desired income, how many and what kind of businesses to own, and the methods involved if you wish to become financially stable.

Second, read all the details on the paper. After this, close your eyes and start visualizing each of them. For example, you can visualize receiving money or checks, owning different establishments, and setting up connections for visualizing desired income, how many businesses to own, and the methods involved to becoming financially stable.

Let Your Vibe Resonate With What You Want

Sciences tell us that all living matter produce energy. This is ultimately true for humans. The energy that we emit comes in the form of heat, kinetic motion, chemical processes, etc. Nevertheless, vibration is another result of energy that's often overlooked.

Your body's vibration is that gut feeling that occurs every time you suspect that something big is about to come. The Law of Attraction tells us that recognizing our vibration is essential. It helps you resonate with the outcomes that you wish to experience. By resonating, you'll get more confident about attaining your desires.

You can do this by meditating and owning the moment. Live as if you've already achieved a future accomplishment. Don't act as if you're chasing it. Act as if you're already holding it in your hands instead. By doing so, you'll find the Law of Attraction more effective and practical. (See this post if you want to learn more about the Law of Vibration).

What methods can I utilize to make the Law of Attraction work for me?

Method #1: Think positively

Always think that achieving something, no matter how difficult, is possible. Positive thinking does a lot. It raises your vibration and helps you resonate stronger. Of course, the resonance that you'll get comes in the form of motivation or drive to never give up and do everything to reach a goal.

Notice that all successful people are positive thinkers. One good example is Jim Carrey. You might have known him through Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber. This comedian's success in Hollywood was inevitable. Why? Prior to fame, Jim always pictured himself as a part of America's lineup of strong comedians. Positive thinking is likely a crucial aspect of Jim's work as an actor.

That said, follow Jim Carrey's example. Don't think about the odds and believe that anything is possible. (If you're unfamilar with Jim Carrey's Law of Attraction story, check out his interview with Oprah here.)

Method #2: Stop wishful thinking

The Law of Attraction tells you that you'll be more likely to get positive outcomes if you think about them. However, this doesn't mean that you don't put in the some sort of effort. Wishful thinkers won't find the Law of Attraction helpful. To achieve something great, you must be willing to take the inspired action. You can't win the lottery if you don't play, am I right?

Start doing the legwork after you've visualized a particular goal. Join business seminars, and read business books if you're aiming to become a successful businessman/woman. Build connections, listen to your mentors (whether in person or podcast doesn't matter), and hone your skills if your vision is to establish a great career. These are just examples. The gist is to be motivated and inspired and continuously moving toward your desire. Doing so will help you resonate better and attract desirable situations to you that much easier.

Method #3: Change your outlook in life and renew yourself

It's easier to develop resonance with your desires if you redo your perspective in life and renew yourself. The Law of Attraction will show you that emotions such as discouragement, fear, doubt, and envy aren't desirable because they hold you back and delay manifestation.

So how do you renew yourself and change perspectives? You can begin by learning self-confidence. Daily affirmations and mirror work are the best tools for this method. Always think that you have it in you. When doing something, never doubt yourself. Instead, believe that you're destined to do it. By believing in your abilities, you'll be more likely to develop efficiency and productivity. The stronger the belief in yourself, the stronger the belief in your desires.

You can also try gathering with more positive people. Choose to watch funny movies/shows instead of horror or drama. That negative stuff really does have a subconscious effect on you. The Law of Attraction sees positivity as energy. It can be transferred from one person to the next. A good example is when a cheerful person enters the room and instanlty brightens the environment. Mixing with positive people has a lot of advantages. Their wonderful mood is uplifting during difficult times. Furthermore, they're inspirational and you can also learn a lot of good habits from them.

Observe Patience and Believe That There's No Such Thing As "Late"

The Law of Attraction isn't an instant road to success thing. That said, you might have to continue doing it for quite some time before seeing results. Some teachers fail to emphasize this point. The Law of Attraction is all about patience and perseverance. It's a Marathon, not a sprint. Believing that your moment will come is crucial to make it work. That said, it's not for people who are not willing to be patient for the arrival of their desires.

Understand that everything in the Universe is bound to the power of time. Time determines when an opportunity is ripe and ready for the taking. All that you can do while practicing the Law of Attraction is to practice patience. Never lose hope because you'll eventually achieve your goals if you continue striving for them.

So how do you develop patience? Believing that there's no such thing as "late" is a good method. Always believe that opportunities are ripe, no matter how old you are. Don't get bound by the concept of timetables. Timetables are bad because they set standards about when you should achieve a particular goal. With the Law of Attraction, this is not the case. Achievements are always at the right time so long as you're alive.

There's also the magic that gratitude brings when learning how to be patient. Being grateful for the things you already have makes it harder for you to stress about the things you don't have yet. Gratitude makes you hopeful and excited about your desires. Furthermore, it also affects your positivity. In a simple sense, being grateful makes manifestation work faster.

Believe That Law of Attraction Isn't Occult

The Law of Attraction might not be working for you because you're doubtful about it's reality. What's even worse is that you might be thinking that it's an occult practice. The ideas mentioned earlier are crucial; nevertheless, they're useless learning them if you don't believe that the Law of Attraction can genuinely help you.

The Law of Attraction is backed by science. The practices that you need to be more successful with it, such as resonance, creative visualization, etc. have practical uses. It affects your lifestyle, mindset, mood, and perception. Furthermore, the Law of Attraction has been studied extensively. Though it's often mentioned as "New Age", there are thousands of books about it that are written as far back as the 1800s.

So, stop having doubts and believe that the Law of Attraction can help you. Belief is the most essential thing that you need to make the Law of Attraction work. After all, a speck of Faith can lead to significant changes that will help you realize your desires and needs in life.

Summing Up

Law of attraction is more effective if you do this:

1. Specify what you really want to achieve through creative visualization

2. Allow yourself to resonate with the outcomes that you desire to experience

3. Developing patience and understanding that achievements are never late

4. Removing doubts about whether or not the Law of Attraction works

These are the probable reasons why you're struggling to experience results with the Law of Attraction. Now that you know the secrets to having the Law of Attraction work for you, focus on these methods and start achieving your desires.

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~



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