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Can I use the Law of Attraction to win the Lottery?

Absolutely! And if you didn’t know, it has been done! Here are 7 Tips on how you can manifest your lottery win.


Check out my success stories video on Youtube (here) that include two specific lottery winners who credit their lottery win to the Law of Attraction. The most famous lottery winning manifestation story is Cynthia Stafford, who won the $112 Million California Lottery Jackpot in 2007.

With millions of people deliberately creating with the Law of Attraction, you may wonder why you don’t hear more about manifested lottery wins. One’s success with the Law of Attraction, lottery related, or otherwise; will always revolve around one’s subconscious thinking and belief system. Society tends to put winning the lottery upon such an unobtainable pedestal that it’s no wonder they struggle with really believing they will win. As Abraham Hicks would say, “It’s as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button.” It just depends on your limiting beliefs.

"So how can I change my limiting beliefs and win the lottery?"

Lottery Tip #1:

Get specific on the amount you want to win. It contradicts your vibrational output if you say I want to win one million dollars, and then after a month, you’re saying that you want one hundred million dollars. Pick an amount and stick to it. If you feel at this point that it seems unrealistic that you’ll win, pick a smaller amount, such as fifty dollars. Ask the Universe (yes, out loud) for this money. Create a Vision Board. Meditate about it. Visualize your reality after your winnings arrive. Write daily affirmations about it.


Lottery Tip #2:

Love where you are now. A big proponent of abundance in life is appreciating and being grateful for what you have now. When you have this mindset, you’re saying to the Universe, “My life is amazing. Thank you.” This is such a positive vibration you are putting out that the Universe will respond in kind with more beautiful things and opportunities. Make it a habit to say “Thank you” frequently throughout your days. Don’t “NEED” the lottery to solve your any current financial problems or to make you feel happy. When you fill yourself with emotions of wanting, lack or need, you are telling yourself that you are unable to have whatever it is that you desire most. When you feel this way about something, you are not aligning your emotions and energies with what you want; essentially sabotaging your chances of manifesting it. The Universe only responds to what vibration you are putting out. So, if you’re putting out energy of want and lack, then this is precisely what you'll attract more of. Where your thoughts and emotions go, your physical life follows. That being said, your chances of winning the lottery lies in your answer to the following question: ‘Do you already feel like you have won the lottery?’ If not, then you are not in alignment with your desires.


Lottery Tip #3

Be patient and have faith that it will happen. The Universe needs time to put all of the pieces in place to get you your desire, but more so, to get you to optimize your mindset. Be prepared that it may take years for a massive jackpot win. Don’t obsess that “it’s not here yet” because that is a lack mindset and will only delay your winning. Thrill in the small amounts of money you may randomly receive, such as refund checks or finding money on the ground. Pro Tip: ALWAYS pick up the money you see, even if it’s a dirty penny in the street! The Universe put that penny in your eyesight to see if you’re ready to “receive” financial abundance. If you pass over it, you’re essentially saying “no thanks”. Receive graciously any offers from friends or strangers, whether a cup of coffee, pay for your gas or even holding a door open for you. Abundance shows itself in many forms. Be mindful of and appreciate these scenarios. Check out my YouTube video on 5 Signs your manifestation is on it's way!


Lottery Tip #4

Lottery tip #4 coincides with tip number three. Believe that you have already won. This doesn’t mean you will frivolously spend your savings but adopt the mindset that you have already vibrationally claimed the jackpot and it’s just a matter of time before it's physically available. If you watched the success stories video I mentioned at the beginning of this post; you would have seen a clip with Oprah and Jim Carrey discussing this exact mindset. Ignore the “odds of winning”. We have odds on our side because we understand the Law of Attraction. Odds are for Muggles. Yes, I just put a Harry Potter reference there.


Lottery Tip #5

Meditate on it and pick numbers that feel important to you and stick with them. Stick to a budget. If you can financially afford to do so, buy season tickets, so you’re not obsessing about having to get your tickets hours before the drawing, hence lowering your vibration with anxiety. This is a wonderful strategy as it takes your mind off of needing the lottery draw scenario for your financial happiness. You can go about your day to day life and let the manifestation happen naturally without you mentally forcing it.


Lottery Tip #6

Focus on how your life would be after you won the lottery. Don’t focus so much on the money itself, but the car you’ll drive, the home you’ll have, the vacations you’ll take. Visualize this down to the finest detail. Watch my very popular "Life of a Lottery Winner Visualization" video on Youtube to help raise your vibration.


Lottery Tip #7:

Put forth good thoughts and good vibes only. Do your best to attain and stay in alignment with your desires. If this is a serious goal for you, you need to take serious action in that you need to avoid things, places, and people that may trigger a negative feeling within you. Go on a solo vacation / staycation, do self-reflection, love what you have learned, and be grateful for being alive!

Are you truly serious about making a lottery win your manifestation? I highly recommend this "Win the Lottery" subliminal by Guided Mind Ltd.


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~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


Check out my YouTube video compilation from Abraham Hicks on winning the Lottery


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