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Why I Namaste at Home

Sure there are benefits to attending an actual Yoga class, I, personally prefer to do Yoga from home. Why?

1. Privacy

I'm an introvert and like many people, I find yoga difficult to enjoy because of a irrational sense of competition or judgment. If practicing yoga around strangers gives you anxiety, practicing at home for this reason can bring you ease and confidence. Practicing Yoga at home also allows other household members (kids and pets alike!) to join in this beautifully creative exercise.

2. Affordability

Nearly 50 percent of those who practice at home do so because it’s easier on the bank account. There are cheaper tutorials online, and other at-home yoga materials can be far more affordable than studio fees.

3. You’re in Charge

When practicing at home, you decide how and what you add into your session that day. If you want to work on your "downward dog" or your "handstand scorpion" for an hour for 3 days in a row, that's perfectly fine! The instructor and atmosphere are crucial to the enjoyment of your yoga session, so whether you choose an online pro or guide yourself, you’ll never be let down and you always know what to expect.

What are downsides to practicing yoga only at home?

While all of the aforementioned points are appealing, practicing at home can come with its downsides as well. If you’re holding a pose with incorrect form, it’s difficult to improve by yourself and there is the chance of injuring yourself.

It can be nice to have the feedback and adjustments of someone who can actually see your body from a perspective other than your own. Also realize that being in an environment with a trained instructor could help avoid dangerous consequences of possibly exacerbating any pre-existing injuries or conditions.

So..... Why Not Do Both?

Many people enjoy practicing both at home and the studio, and regularly switch between depending on life schedules. If you're completely new to Yoga, go with the online sessions to see how you feel about it and once you gain some confidence, try out a public class and test the atmosphere.

Which do you prefer, and why? Let me know in the comments below!

Namaste My Friends!

Much Love, Good Vibes and remember to Choose to be Happy!


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