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5 Resources to Help You Get Your Next Job

Whether you've been laid off, fired or you're just looking for something better, Finding a New Job can be very stressful. See my recommended tools below for finding the job of your dreams, whether that's being employed at your favorite retailer or becoming your own Boss, there is a tool here for you!


Ladder's is known America's largest Career Advice Group. You can't go wrong with reading Ladders Interview Guide. First Impressions last a lifetime. If you've been selected to interview for your next dream job, this tool is a MUST. (Available as a paperback, audiobook and kindle version)


Although this book is directed toward women, there is certainly lessons to be learned here for men. The book (both in hardcover, audiobook and kindle version) is Inspiring and will motivate you to move past your paralyzing fear of staying stuck in your current situation. The powerful message can certainly carry over to other aspects of your life and not just a job.


If you're one of those people who are slaving away at a job you don't like making money for someone else's vacation to the Bahamas, then this book is meant for you. Get yourself out of "day job jail" and follow your passion and your dreams and MAKE MONEY DOING IT! This book will inspire you to take the jump to being your own boss and possibly even having someone else pay for your trip to the Bahamas! (Available in paperback, audiobook and kindle)


This book is eye opening and is a MUST for EVERYONE. It is the growing up story of the author who had two dads; one being his biological "poor" dad and the other being his best friend's "rich" dad. This book becomes more vital if you have children and you want them to understand the true value of money. (Available in paperback, audiobook or kindle)


If starting your own business is something that is just too intimidating at this point, this fantastic guide will help you discover and land a job that you will love.


Get these tools on Amazon here:

Be Your Own Boss and "work" wherever you want!

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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