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3 Steps to Create Your Own Reality with The Law of Attraction

What part of your life do you want to be more abundant? Do you want more money? Do you want to be healthier? Do you want a life partner? Maybe you're looking for deeper spiritual life. I'm here to help guide you with 3 steps to create your own reality with the Law of Attraction.


So what is the Law of Attraction anyway? The Law of Attraction is just one of multiple Universal laws. (See another WillowJ.Co post that discusses the 7 Universal Laws of Existence).

The Law of Attraction utilizes the power of the subconscious mind to translate what is in our thoughts, whether that's good or bad, and materializes that into our reality.

Our conscious mind controls our reasoning, our logic and our body's voluntary movements. What our subconscious mind is responsible for is all our thoughts and our beliefs. Everything has been conditioned in us through our upbringing. The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed and will believe whatever we genuinely believe to be true.

So there's three steps in the Law of Attraction to help you manifest or deliberately create your desires. You have noticed throughout your life what you don't want, but WHAT DO YOU WANT? Be specific. The more specific the better. Don't be wishy-washy about this.



Law of Attraction affirmations / positive affirmations can be written every night before you settle down for bed. Sit down and write your desire (10 times) and write it in present tense. For example, "I have a green Lamborghini". I know this sounds silly but if you want it, go for it! This helps your subconscious mind to really develop this belief system that you have what your heart truly desires.


Another way to ask is set 5 to 10 minutes a day to meditate. The best time is preferably in the morning for focus, clarity and high vibration. Be sure to really focus on your rhythmic breathing. In the next few weeks I'm going to create a meditation video on this, as it is a little abnormal in it’s pattern of breathing.


Another step that is considered asking is to visualize. This is probably the most fun because you're like a kid again. It’s like playing pretend. You’ll want to sit for about 5 to 10 minutes a day. The more the better, but it doesn't need to be a long time. So sit down, close your eyes, put on your headphones with your favorite music and just visualize. Visualize driving down the street in your brand new Lamborghini or sitting down with a cup of coffee in your brand new dream home. It's really that simple. It just makes you happy and that is at the root of the Law of Attraction.


Be sure to feel the joy that you will feel when you have actually obtained this desire. It is important to feel happy when you think of these things. When you're doing your affirmations you're doing your visualization as well.


Are you familiar with how a circus elephant is trained? A circus elephant is brought in and tied up with a rope tied to a wooden stick that’s embedded into the ground. Now as this baby elephant grows into adulthood, this seven ton creature will still be held by the same rope and the same wooden stick. The elephant has conditioned itself to believe that this tiny wooden stick is still holding itself to the ground. The elephant has created itself a pattern of limiting beliefs. It believes, because of it’s past conditioning that this tiny stick and rope are still holding it back from it's freedom. Can you resonate with this story? In what areas of your life do you feel you can't have something or you can't do something? In what areas do you have limiting beliefs? Remember a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. Comment down below what you think your limiting beliefs may be.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams, even if your friends or family doubt or even laugh at them. You have to have absolute faith that what you want and what you desire is coming to you.

Let go of HOW your manifestation is going to come to you. The conscious logical mind constantly has this blueprint of how things must happen. But you need to let go and have faith that the Universe is going to bring it to you or guide you toward it with synchronistic nudges.

Another thing you can do to believe is remember past manifestations, whether you deliberately created them or you did it by default. If there's nothing that you can think of, or if nothing comes to mind, then go online or read a book about people who have received great manifestations. There’s a lot of stories out there and they're really inspiring. See my video here of 11 famous people (and some that became famous because of the LOA) who utilize the Law of Attraction in their daily lives. If you need some guidance with Law of Attraction books, feel free to read my post here where I suggest the top five beginner Law of Attraction books: The 5 Best Beginner Law of Attraction Books.


Another thing to do is raise your gratitude awareness. Every morning after you meditate you could write down 10 things you're grateful for. This, in cohesion with your nightly affirmations are a really powerful step in raising your vibration. Raising your vibration raises your frequency which in turn aligns you to the frequency of your desire. Check out a more in depth read on raising your vibration here.


When you follow these three steps and you hold yourself in a positive attitude and good vibrations long enough, it is a matter of divine timing for your manifestation to arrive. You’re in receiving mode when you are a vibrational match to your desires. You're happy in general. Things that used to get under your skin you don't bother you anymore. You’ll see synchronicities. You may even have dreams of your manifestations coming true. It is a really exciting thing to see!

Remember this whole process, and it is a process, is training your subconscious mind to believe that you already have your desires. When you believe something wholeheartedly guess what happens, it manifests! Because YOU create your own reality!

~Much Love, Good Vibes and Choose to be Happy! ~


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